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Government shutdown

And this would be a bad thing how?

I know what CNN is saying.

But realistically, why would a government shutdown be bad?

We know what Milton Friedman said.
Pretty much everything else could be done better by the states or the private sector.

If your local grocery store closed because they forgot to order, you'd go somewhere else. If the plumber you called couldn't come because his truck got repossessed, you'd call another. If your favorite coffee place had no one to work and was closed, well, there are other options.

But with government services, there aren't options.

Government doesn't like competition.

Every year, statists tell you How Important Government Is and how the "other party" is about to screw up your life.

It's political theater.

There isn't even a budget.

The last time there was officially a budget was 2009. But it was pretty much a budget in name only. Even if there was a budget, it would be several thousand pages long, incredibly detailed on some things and disturbingly vague on others. It's meant to be abused. I don't want to examine the Federal budget process here but I will tell you that even if Congress makes no changes, each agency gets the same amount it had the previous year plus an automatic increase. This is the so-called discretionary spending.

That's right. It takes an act of Congress to keep spending at the same level it was in the previous year.

The default setting is more government and more spending.

Then there is the mandatory spending which isn't part of the budget process. Congress may revisit the rules every few years on mandatory spending qualifications, but it usually rolls along on it's own. Mandatory spending is about two-thirds of the budget, Social Security alone is about one-third.

And I haven't even gotten to earmarks.

Government doesn't like competition so it locks private interests out of the services it provides. It manipulates you into blaming the other party so it can tax and spend more of your money. And it expects thanks for it's hard work.

Government shutdown.

This would be a bad thing how?


Official Solution®

Once there is an Official Solution® even if it's a really really bad one, government will resist any attempt to make it better.
     — NeoWayland

“Resistance to Civil Government” (“Civil Disobedience”) by H.D. Thoreau

Thoreau wrote in protest of slavery and the Mexican-American War to reveal great truths. He places the individual over the state.


I agree

Anything government touches turns to crap. Good thing government won't touch liberty with a 10-foot pole!
     — Kent McManigal, "Diversity"


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There's no incentive to make it better


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“Tiny Homes Banned in U.S. at Increasing Rate as Govt Criminalizes Sustainable Living”


Government & religion

Religion cannot be allowed the coercive power of government. Government cannot be allowed the moral justification of religion.
     — NeoWayland, United We Stand



The kind of man who demands that government enforce his ideas is always the kind whose ideas are idiotic.
     — H.L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy