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…when politicos keep secrets, something is screwy.
     — from the private journal of NeoWayland, 19Jan2013

Thursday roundup

An Erotic Clothing Company’s Newest Mascot: An 8 Year Old Drag Queen

Me a couple of years ago: “Blazes, someone explain to me why we have eight year old pageant contestants.”

I Was Denied Service Based on Beliefs — And I’m Okay With That

The right to disagree

Enraged Readers Cheer Federal Killings of Gun Owners

Internet outrage when the perception overwhelms the actuality

Immigration and ‘rathole’ countries

A pretty good overview

The IRS hired bill collectors to collect back taxes — and got ripped off

“What may be worst about the program is that it was focused on low-income taxpayers and resulted in some repayment agreements that left the taxpayers without enough money to live on.”

A Promising New Approach to Fighting Campus Sexual Assault

“…a key goal of the program was to help women more quickly recognize when an acquaintance might pose a risk.”

Before We Burn Aziz Ansari, Perhaps Some Self-Reflection Is in Order

Bad sex yes, assault no.

18 Senate Dems Who Should Turn in Their '#Resistance' Membership Cards

“Sen. Claire McCaskill and her Democratic colleagues had a chance to check the Trump administration's surveillance powers on Tuesday. They failed.”

'New California' movement seeks to divide the Golden State in half

It's a good idea, but it won't happen. LA needs the water rights, among other things.

Factbox: Dow ends above 26,000, just eight trading days after hitting 25,000

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a bubble.

Obama’s ICE Didn’t Follow Procedure For Checking Illegal Immigrants’ Ties to Terrorism

And we should be surprised?

Dems Think 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Worth Forcing Active Military To Go Without Pay

Emphasis on the word "illegal."

No Right to Earn a Living Via Prostitution, Says Federal Court

This one makes no sense.


“Stossel: The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam”


Wednesday roundup

FBI, DOJ Argue for Dismissal of Suit About Garland, Texas Attack

The FBI not only knew about a 2015 terrorist attack, they provoked it. So why aren't the people responsible under arrest?

Thanks Capitalism, Refrigerators Are Awesome!

Living better than the kings of a century ago

GOP Leaders Tell Fiscal Hawks To Fly Away, No Budget This Year

Reduce spending. Reduce taxes. Decrease regulation. Decrease laws. That's the only way to restore lasting freedom.

NYC Police Union Argues Releasing Body Cam Footage Violates Cops' Civil Rights

Police privilege.

Thoughts on Challenging the Climate Orthodoxy

Nobody should be beyond question

Senate Votes to Shut Down Rand Paul Filibuster Against Surveillance Act Renewal

When government doesn't trust you, why should you trust government?

Trump to PC: “No More!”

Donald Trump's greatest virtue is that he disrupts.

Jeff Flake: You know that ‘Trump is Stalin’ thing I mentioned? Nevermind.

Right out of an old SNL sketch

President Nobama

No one should be surprised that Trump is unraveling Barack Obama's "legacy"

Carillion’s Demise

“To me, this looks like a catch-all company that has bedded itself in with the government and helpfully told politicians and civil servants that they can take care of everything. No problem, just leave it to us, just keep that cash hose turned on full.”

European Angst Over Immigration

Europe may have committed cultural suicide by opening to "immigrants" who don't want to assimilate to the existing cultures

Clinton Corruption Update: It’s All One Scandal

You should ask yourself why Hillary Clinton is not in prison?

Democrats: Trump must capitulate on DACA “to prove you’re not prejudiced or bigoted”

This will make the Democrats look very foolish. Go after Trump with anything less than the truth and it will backfire.


Carrying water

I don't like seeing others manipulated into carrying water for "moral" cause that is in fact pure politics. You can't trust politicos, especially when they say "Let's you and him fight."
     — NeoWayland

NeoNotes — Conservatives and big government

Inevitably both conservatism and progressivism increase the size of government for some "common good" that not everyone agrees with.

A bigger government means higher taxes, more laws, increased regulations and (wait for it) less freedom. All for your own good of course.

I think the problem is not progressive or conservative. I think that acting that way makes government larger.

The real problem is government.

Actually they do.

Military spending, law enforcement, the war on drugs, emergency aid to other nations are just a few things that come to mind.

Military spending - what is it now, seven times the next three biggest military budgets combined?

Of course the war on drugs is a federal issue. It's also responsible for the rise in civil forfeiture and revoking posse comitatus. Both required Federal legislation signed by Republican presidents. It was also a Republican president who issued the first executive orders to sell military surplus to law enforcement.

Where does the Constitution grant either the President or Congress the power of foreign aid? Yet that has been a cornerstone of foreign policy since at least WWII. As have the permanent military bases abroad, also not authorized by the Constitution.

Conservatives have done these things and more.

But neither conservatism nor progressivism are the problem. It's government.

You can always find a reason to spend someone else's money. Especially in a good cause.

OK, military spending and foreign governments.

To "contain" our "enemies," we give foreign aid including military aid to despicable people who can't be trusted. This year they're our ally, next year they're our enemy.

We are hypocritical. American didn't stand for it with the Cuban missiles, yet we expect other nations to stand for it in the name of freedom and democracy.

Meanwhile spending goes up and the military grows. The American reputation for honor and doing the right thing is swept away in rousing music and TV spectacle.

And the arms dealers and military contractors are making a profit.

The Federal government also profits from the drug war. Before terrorism, it was the reason for throwing away the Bill of Rights. It was the reason for mandatory minimum sentences. It's the reason for militarizing our police AND putting Federal monitoring in those police forces.

And of course if property can be "associated" with the illegal drug trade, it can be seized and sold under Federal law and most of the profits sent back to the local police jurisdiction. This happens regardless if the owner is found guilty or even charged.

This can't be fixed by electing the "right" man (person) at the "right" time. You won't find one. He doesn't exist. Even if he did, it would start again when he left office.

This is fundamental abuse of law and the destruction of freedom.

Conservatives and progressives have enabled this situation by pursing their pet causes "for the common good."

The only answer is limiting government and what government does.

You know, like the Constitution set out to do.

You know, the only thing the American government hasn't tried in the last century or so.

Show me a conservative since 1950 who has succeeded in reducing the size of government, reducing the number of regulations, or reducing spending and I will concede the point.


Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 and asset forfeiture.

Expanding the drug war.

Military Cooperation with Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Act of 1981.

He may have succeeded reducing the number of regulations, but I think he reduced freedom.

Or as I like to put it:

"Inflict government on someone today and don't be surprised if someone inflicts it on you tomorrow."
NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

When perception is more important than actuality

Years ago, the Arizona Legislature put a proposal for Martin Luther King Day on the ballot. Almost everyone thought it was a good idea, but there was a real question of which other holiday would have to be removed to pay for it. The Legislature decided that Columbus Day would no longer be a state holiday. Of course, this made the Italian Americans upset, and they gathered enough signatures for a competing bill to add MLK day and keep Columbus Day. Still another ballot added MLK Day but did away with another holiday. No one bill got enough votes to put MLK Day on the calendar with all the contradictory proposals.

Arizona was promptly labeled a racist state. It lost quite a few major tourism events, including the chance to host the 1993 Superbowl.

Soon another proposal was made for MLK Day, and this time no competing proposals made it to the ballot. This time around, no one wanted to risk MLK Day not passing, so there was only one proposal on the ballot. It passed overwhelmingly.

To my knowledge, Arizona is the ONLY state to ever put MLK Day to a public vote.


And going by the raw numbers, MLK Day passed both times.

Yet to hear many Americans, Arizona is STILL a racist state that doesn't care about minorities because it voted down MLK Day.
     — NeoWayland, True Believer Rant

Tuesday roundup

Policing Sexual Desire

Great piece.

HIDDEN CAMERA: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View “Everything You Post Online” Including Private “Sex Messages”

And making money doing it.

NAACP Says MLK’s Vision Can’t Be Achieved Without Fighting Global Warming

In all my studies, MLK didn't once mention global warming or climate change.

Backdoor Censorship through Libel Law

Here's something Trump is actually doing

Comic Convention Bans Christian Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo For Friendship With Hannity

Guilty by association

How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It

There needs to be competition, these companies are breaking their promises

The Subtle ‘Tyranny’ of Regulatory Overlords

“Who really benefits from the 14,000 pages of Dodd-Frank?”

Collapse of Construction Giant with 43,000 Employees Globally Sparks Fear and Mayhem

Size doesn't always guarantee success

Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to African Americans

YouTube video - flashback

Kafkaesque campus sexual assault tribunal at Johnson & Wales alleged in lawsuit

“Female waited a year to complain, male not given copy of complaint, entire process only 5 weeks, no record of hearing”

Police Knew That Hawaii Missile Attack Report was False Within Five Minutes After Alert

I'm glad someone was on the job

FLASHBACK: The Obama Administration Called Netanyahu A ‘Chickensh**’

Funny how none of the major networks are talking about that one

Shrinks present latest plot to remove Trump from office

The unelected, unappointed, and answerable to no one believe they have the power to overturn an election. The only way to take Trump out is truth. Anything else will backfire, badly.


Pretty sure

I'm pretty sure that political correctness just means shaming the dissenters enough so they shut up.
     — NeoWayland

Fake news checking

Google’s New ‘Fact-Checker’ Is Partisan Garbage

Now, you may believe that conservatives are hopeless liars in need of relentless correcting, so I’ll concede the point for argument’s sake. Even then, you’d have to admit it’s a small miracle that, according to Google’s search engine, not a single prominent liberal or mainstream site in the entire universe has ever uttered a dubious or questionable claim.
     — David Harsanyi

Dick Durbin lied before

The White House Is Refuting A Shocker Of A Claim From A Top Democratic Senator

Oct. 23, 2013, 2:55 PM
A claim from the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), drew denials from House Republican leadership and the White House on Wednesday.

Durbin claimed in a weekend Facebook post that a House GOP leader told President Barack Obama that the leader "cannot even stand to look at" him during a recent negotiation over the government shutdown and raising the nation's debt ceiling.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, flatly, that the exchange "did not happen."

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner was baffled by Durbin's allegation.

"The Speaker certainly didn’t say that, and doesn’t recall anyone else doing so," Michael Steel, Boehner's spokesman, said in an email Wednesday morning.
     — Brett LoGiurato

tip of the hat to Tammy Bruce

from crux № 17 — spiritual warrior

Almost everything I can say on this thread will most likely be misunderstood.

I will say this. If you've really done what you've said, you need to check your bearings before you do anything else. Talk to another counselor or one of those mental health professionals you mentioned. Find a priest or minister, preferably one you don't know but with a good reputation, and talk to them.

Don't trust your judgement alone.

Pardon, but it doesn't seem like you are considering anyone else's judgment. There was a lot of "I" in your post above.

And of course you know that writing a book is the wrong reason to do what you've described.

Usually what you get out of something is what you bring in to something. Most people do not have the means to move beyond their own shadows.

I'm not concerned about your book, although your attitude about it does make me uneasy.

Look, this is an internet forum, and it's possible that I am misinterpreting what you are saying.

But's its also life, and it's possible you are misinterpreting the "evidence" and your "calling."

And frankly, that is if what you have brought here is truth. I'll give you the benefit of a doubt on that one.

All I am saying is that you should check your experience with others who have a different perspective, people you can talk with face to face.


You're putting words in my posts which were not there.

It's not your writing that makes me uneasy, it's your attitude about chronicling your experiences.

I've done my bit, I encouraged you to look for balance in your work. Thrice in fact.

And no, I won't ignore you.

There have been many terrible things done in the name of an absolute, "transcendent" morality. Many by Christians. Many by Christians to Christians. And many by Christians to Christians in the last century alone.

A label doesn't define morality. In the words of Mark Twain, "Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often."

I'd rather know what someone has done than what they call themselves.

I started keeping my crux files because I noticed I kept getting into the same discussions in comment threads on other people’s web sites. After a while it just made sense for me to organize my thoughts by topic. These are snippets. It’s not in any particular order, it’s just discussions I have again and again.

Monday roundup

Feds Collect Record Income Taxes Through December; Still Run $225 Billion Deficit

That tells you everything. Too many taxes and too much spending

Trump Blows Up The Immigration Debate With Just One Question

Those countries are indeed shitholes. Not because of skin color, but because of corrupt government and terrible economies

Uncapturing the Economy Requires Limiting Government

Government can print money but it can't create value. Any money spent on government or government regulation is money taken from economy thereby reducing value

How the Supreme Court Is Aiding and Abetting Occupational Licensing Abuse

Licensing regulation protects existing business, discourages competition, and costs customers more

Tiny California City's Firefighting Reform Could Be Model for Others

The pension bubble is bursting

It’s Time to Resist the Excesses of #MeToo

Related - When Does a Watershed Become a Sex Panic?

Governments and the People

“What I’m saying is not so much to heap blame on a population for the state of their government, but rather to stop ourselves absolving the people of any responsibility whatsoever.”

Am I a bad feminist?

Margaret Atwood takes on her liberal critics. “Nor do I believe that women are children, incapable of agency or of making moral decisions.” A must read.

Freedom of Expression and the Flight from Reason

Well reasoned.

Michael Wolff Source: He Printed A Third-Hand Story I Told Him That I Got From Someone On A Beach

Like I've been telling progressives for a year, if you go after Trump with anything less than the truth, it will blow up in your face. He's not a politico and he doesn't act like one.

Flake compares Trump's treatment of press to Stalin''s

Flake is wrong here. Trump doesn't initiate, he responds and escalates.

When Profits at Utilities are Privatized and Losses Socialized, Do We Still Need Public Shareholders?

A very good question from the UK.

We Must Denounce Trump’s Racist Actions, Not Just His Racist Words

I'm still waiting for proof of either


Nothing scandalizes like the truth

Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth. Point out that women and men are different, that black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, that most terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, and the Left leaps to its collective feet in openmouthed shock, like Margaret Dumont after a Groucho Marx wisecrack. This is racism! This is sexism! This is some sort of phobia! I’m shocked, shocked to find facts being spoken in polite company!

No one is really shocked, of course. This is simply a form of bullying. The Left has co-opted our good manners and our good will in order to silence our opposition to their bad policies. The idea is to make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious.
     — Andrew Klavan, Of Crudeness and Truth

The obvious

Of Crudeness and Truth

Let’s state the obvious. Some countries are shitholes. To claim that this is racist is racist. They are not shitholes because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion, and broken culture. Further, most of the problems in these countries are generated at the top. Plenty of rank-and-file immigrants from such ruined venues ultimately make good Americans—witness those who came from 1840s potato-famine Ireland, a shithole if ever there was one! It takes caution and skill to separate the good from the bad.

For these very reasons, absurd immigration procedures like chain migration, lotteries, and unvetted entries are deeply destructive. They can lead to the sort of poor choices that create a Rotherham. Trump’s suggestions—to vet immigrants for pro-American ideas and skills that will help our country—are smart and reasonable and would clearly make the system better if implemented.

So, when it comes to the Great Shithole Controversy of 2018, my feeling is: I do not care, not even a little. I’m sorry that it takes someone like Trump to break the spell of silence the Left is forever weaving around us. I wish a man like Ronald Reagan would come along and accomplish the same thing with more wit and grace. But that was another culture. History deals the cards it deals; we just play them. Trump is what we’ve got.
     — Andrew Klavan

The people aren't…

The people aren't shitholes, the countries are. No one immigrates from a country where things can get better.
     — anonymous


You can't childproof the world. You can only worldproof your children.
     — probably L. Neil Smith, The American Zone

America meddled and made a shithole

“If You Think Haiti Is a Shithole, Then Blame America for Helping to Make It That Way”


“As if withholding belief was a moral crime…”

I have a problem with this assumption "at the moment the general reaction seems to be to disbelieve abuse survivors." I do not find it to be accurate. Mostly because of what group is being examined to provide the baseline for the general reaction, which I've rarely seen explained.

Every time I see this idea come up, it is used as a weapon against those who desire to have an examined and rational discussion without having to say "I believe." as if withholding belief was a moral crime. That idea that there is a culture of disbelief has been weaponized and used to silence those who ask uncomfortable and disquieting questions.
     — Isabella LeCour, comment on Accusations of abuse surface against ADF founder Isaac Bonewits

Friday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


Thursday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


from crux № 21 — American hegemony

In the name of the greater good, the US supported tyranny and dictators all over the globe.


Charity instead of trash

“Instead of Trashing Groceries During Cooler Malfunction, Store Donates 35,000 Pounds of Food”


Wednesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


Great idea

“Work 50 minutes for meal at Tokyo eatery”


“The Problem With The UN | Corrupt, Anti-Western & Useless”

“Corruption, abuse scandals, extravagant spending, and laughable committee assignments. Here are some of the biggest problems with the United Nations.”


“We All Knew”

“Street Artist Trolls Golden Globes with ‘We All Knew’ Artwork”


Tuesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


Monday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


“Can't be sure if parts of it are true”

“The author of the explosive new Trump book says he can't be sure if parts of it are true”


Friday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


Thursday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry



Government is force. Every government program, law, or regulation is a demand that someone do what he doesn't want to do, refrain from doing what he does want to do, or pay for something he doesn't want to pay for. And those demands are backed up by police with guns.
     — Harry Browne, Principles of Government

Wednesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry



Government is politics. Whenever you turn over to the government a financial, social, medical, military, or commercial matter, it's automatically transformed into a political issue — to be decided by those with the most political influence. And that will never be you or I.
     — Harry Browne, Principles of Government

Tuesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry



You don't control government. It's easy to think of the perfect law that will stop the bad guys while leaving the good guys unhindered. But no law will be written the way you have in mind, it won't be administered the way you have in mind, and it won't be adjudicated the way you have in mind.
     — Harry Browne, Principles of Government

Monday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry


Internet debates

Sometimes, you're wrong.

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