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Common sense

Common sense means ideas that work on their own without constant fiddling and tweaking.
     — NeoWayland

Clash of ideas

Another meme.


from crux № 9 - Testing ideas

We need our beliefs and convictions tested by people who don't agree with us.

It's how we learn if our ideas can stand on their own. It's how our ideas can be made better even if we didn't see all the angles.

And if someone can't stand that, then they shouldn't be talking. The reason why conservatism didn't die is because some conservatives and some libertarians got very very good at debate and defending their ideas.
     — NeoWayland


The kind of man who demands that government enforce his ideas is always the kind whose ideas are idiotic.
     — H.L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy


NeoNotes — College & university

Once upon a time, going to college or a university was about learning new ideas AND working out for yourself what ideas were practical and which ideas you could use to make your life better in society.

Real revolutions are rare and don't usually work.

Real change comes because someone worked out a better way and didn't have to force everyone else to accept it.

Thus endeth the sermon.

I need some biscuits and honey.

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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