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Playing around

The Wild Hunt covered some religious freedom cases. One that was mentioned was the Trinity Lutheran case, where a church sought federal funds to repair it’s playground.

Everyone focused on the church’s access to Federal monies. But this isn’t really the issue.

Why are taxpayer dollars collected by force being spent on a playground? Any playground?

Tax deductions mean that by definition taxes are too high. But it seems to me that deducting the cost of playground repair is a better use of taxpayer money. It certainly eliminates the question of if government is favoring one church over others or over alternatives. It also eliminates most of the hoops as to how the money is spent and if the playground meets Federal standards.

Better still to make it wholly private, from fundraising to maintenance.

Government is not the answer of last resort. Government is not the first, best, and last solution. Almost everything Americans government to do can be done faster, cheaper, and more widespread by the private sector.

Unless government makes sure that the private sector is legally prohibited from providing solutions.

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