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“The Philosophy of Liberty”
by the International Society for Individual Liberty

“Climate of Complete Certainty”


Libertarianism for Beginners

John Stossel wrote an excellent review of Seavey's Libertarianism for Beginners.

A century ago in the U.S., government at all levels took up about 8 percent of the economy. Now it takes up about 40 percent. It regulates everything from the size of beverage containers to what questions must not be asked in job interviews.

How can people be expected to keep up with it all?

Seavey points out that it's backward to expect them to try. Instead of just looking at the complicated mess government makes, we need to review the basic rules that got us here.

Instead of the rule being "government knows best" or "vote for the best leader," says Seavey, what if the basic legal rules were just: no assault, no theft, no fraud? Then most waste and bureaucracy that we fight about year after year wouldn't exist in the first place.

To most people, it sounds easier to leave big policy decisions—about complex things like wages, food production and roads—to government. Having to make our own decisions about everything and trade for everything in the marketplace sounds complicated.

Both the review and the book are worth your time.



Does that person threaten you or yours?

Does that person take or damage your property?

Then why are you trying to control them?
     — NeoWayland
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