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Here are some of the topics from the original version of the site. As I transfer all the entries from that category to the new site structure, I’ll delete these links one by one. The transferred pages can be found using the Original Vigil tag link. The ones at the top of that page are the latest imports.

You can see the original categories in the menu above, or you can use the links below.

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Can't stop the signal


Free Markets


Morality & Modern Life

Pennies on the track


Quotes & Thinkums

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Be sure to check out some of the best articles of the original site on the “classic posts” item under the site banner.

Yeah, about those guest articles. There were some issues. Small issues compared to some of the other things I dealt with at the time, but certainly contributing to me walking away for a couple of years. I still have the articles on file. The site won’t be hosting guest articles for a while.

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