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NeoNotes — Shame game

”Then we come to the victim groups. While showing off your current wounds and old scars may bring some temporary surcease, that isn't going to let you heal. It's not going to make you a better person, and it certainly won't bring you closer to the Divine. Using that logic, you might as well cut off your fingers and toes, or your feet and hands. At some point, you'll run out of things to sacrifice.

Either you heal or you endure, but your pain doesn't grant you power over another. Pay attention to that bit, it might be important.”

     — Groups

Do you really want to play this game?

Do you want me to start listing the millions that certain Christians have killed "in the name" of their Savior?

Get off the cross, somebody else needs the wood.

Here's the thing. Politics is about controlling other people. The most widely used justification in history is religion. That doesn't mean it's the reason. Property, yes, wealth, yes, and above all power.

It's not the gods calling for the blood of the unbelievers. It's the priests. It's the generals. It's the emperors.

One of my hot buttons is the whole victimhood thing (also here). You've lost my interest in this part of the conversation.

In case you hadn't noticed, some pagans carry a king size beef against Christians. Sometimes they're even right. In the last couple of years, there have been "Pagans of Color" who think that their skin color makes them special and all other victimhoods must give way. This is the mostly fake stuff I deal with all the time.

But I know real victims. I live next to the Navajo Nation with a 40% poverty rate and a 50% unemployment rate. And by the way, the state of Utah is trying to steal millions from them. There isn't much I can do for my friends there, but I try.

Speaking of Utah, that state through the FedGovs is trying to steal 100,000 acres from the Ute tribe and put usage restrictions on some of the rest. Oh, and it's a Republican Congressman spearheading the effort.

There's a young man I'm trying to help get into college. His Mexican hometown literally doesn't exist anymore, it was destroyed. It could have been the local drug lord, it could have been the Mexican government, or it could have been U.S. troops. I'm not sure his family is here legally and they live in an Arizona county with the most racist sheriff in America.

So pardon me if I don't bow down and cry on cue over your "victimhood." Don't try to shame me with stories of victims, inspire me with the stories of the heroes.

You're playing the same shame game that I see every day.

You're not upset over my lack of empathy. It's that I don't show empathy in the approved fashion for the victim groups you designate.

I played this game many times until I tired of it.

No, instead we are supposed to feel sorry and open our pockets deeper.

We're supposed to protect the victim. And if we can't find a victim, one will be assigned to us.

     — Victims and paying for bad choices

Wow. There it was. And if a white person failed to abase themselves and ask forgiveness, why then, they were just mean.

So no matter what I’ve said before now, no matter what I’ve done before now, if I fail to do this now, I’m racist.

All because of the color of my skin.

     — Human Lives Matter

Now the whole shaming thing is something I’m really an expert in. I’m the environmentalist who doesn’t accept the doom of anthropogenic climate change. I’m the pagan who tells the Christians that their belief should not control the actions of those who do not share those beliefs. I’m the libertarian who tells progressives that human lives matter, not just black lives. I’m the straight guy who blames the radicals for destroying feminism and making dating and casual sex much harder. And I’m the “sensitive” guy who is fed up with the Manosphere pity party.

So guess what. People try to shame me. A lot. I may not have heard it all but I have heard enough.

     — You are not entitled

NeoNotes are the selected comments that I made on other boards, in email, or in response to articles where I could not respond directly.

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