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Last $40

Teen Who Lost Everything In Fire Spends His Last $40 On Firefighters

An Alabama mom can't help but brag about her 15-year-old son Kenneth.

"In general, teenagers get a bad rap," Casie Bennett told "My son is a good kid. He really is."

Earlier this month the Bennett family's house burned down and they lost everything. On the night of the fire, Kenneth returned from a friend's house to find volunteer firefighters battling to put out the blaze that had consumed his home.

Shockingly, the high school sophomore thought not of himself or his possessions, but of the firefighters. Their cooler, he noticed, was near empty.

Around 1am, after the fire was out, Kenneth went to a nearby gas station to buy a root beer. There he noticed some cases of water, so he handed the clerk $40, and took the water straight to the fire department.

That $40 was all Kenneth had left.

"He had been saving that money for his anniversary, the day after the fire," Casie explained to "He wanted to take his girlfriend, Bailey, to Ruth's Chris."
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