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Tyranny of the 16th

Yesterday was the anniversary of the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This amendment made the income tax constitutional. An earlier version of the income tax was passed during the Civil War, but the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

The Sixteenth is one of those pieces of progressive legislation that tore huge chunks out of the rule of law.

You see, one of the things about politicos is that some times they learn to be clever.

By claiming that the rich did not pay their fair share, this law divided the American people. No one group of citizens had enough clout to be heard. And ever since, Congress has played one group against another.

That was just the beginning. Because income was to be taxed, banks and employers had to report to the government. No warrants needed, because you see, it wasn’t agents of the government making the reports.

By taking the money out of your pay BEFORE you got it, you were conditioned to accept that some of YOUR money belonged to the government. And by the way, that amount might change if you weren’t nice enough.

Of course it’s voluntary.

And of course, the IRS minions would never share your tax data with the White House. Just because you read about the Nixon White House, the Clinton White House (and bonus FBI files too) , and the Obama White House doesn’t mean that every administration does it. Or it could mean that only those were clumsy enough to be caught…

The IRS has it’s own court system and those rules of evidence differ from the Federal courts. Basically if you are accused you have to prove you are innocent. And by the way, they’ll take your money and property leaving you nothing to fight with.

The IRS doesn’t even have to find you guilty to take your money.

All of this made possible by the Sixteenth.

What say we repeal it?
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