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NeoNotes - I'm not the smartest guy in the room

Since I just spent forty-five minutes writing it as a post, you’re damn right I’m going to put it here.

I'm not the smartest guy in the room. There are subjects I know nothing about. Professional sports for example, I've never understood the appeal so I've never dug into it. I've never served with the military so I have only the vaguest idea of what that involves. These are also subjects I don't usually discuss.

I do know about prejudice though. I've seen that my entire life and I've tried to fight it when I can. I've routinely seen entire groups of people dismissed. You'd be surprised how many Amerindians are dismissed because of how they look because people never look beyond the label. After a while, you recognize the mindset.

Years ago I wrote that I'd rather deal with conservatives than liberals. You could trust conservatives to be up front. You could trust them to keep their word. And you could trust them to be mostly willing to talk.

That hasn't changed.

What disturbs me is not so much what you believe as how you treat folks not directly aligned with your beliefs.

I won't kid you. I think the stuff is going to hit the fan and it's going to get terrifyingly bad before it gets better.

I would prefer the survivors to be people I can trust. I've no love for Christianity, I think Christians are nicer and more effective when they aren't the only game around.

I'll admit that the Bible verse thing annoys me. If I'm not Christian, I'm not bound by your beliefs.

(And yes, I know you'll tell me it's TRUTH and not your beliefs)

See, I'm not here for the Grand Crusade. I don't care if Christianity "wins" or not. There are things that I agree with conservatives are worth fighting for.

I don't think alternative sexualities should be taught in public schools.

But I don't think lesbian teachers should be banished as sex offenders either. Unless they messed with the kids…

I don't think Christianity should be banished from the "public square." But I don't think that Christianity should exclusively be in the public square either.

I've a big problem with people being treated as labels rather than individuals. If a person crosses the line, by all means let's make them accountable.

If a person crosses the line, you can't make their faith/ethnic/political group responsible.
Now I can point when the subject comes up again.

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