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What a mess

Tim Newman does one of the best explanations of the institution politics surrounding Clinton’s email mess. You really should read the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt.

My guess is that the initial decision not to prosecute Clinton would have made huge swathes of the FBI absolutely livid with anger. The last eight years of Barack Obama’s African-style presidency has seen the politicisation of the IRS, CIA, and the Pentagon: would David Petraeus have been prosecuted if he was full-square behind Obama and the Democrats? I doubt it. There are many in the FBI who would have been appalled that a case had not been brought against Hillary over the email server and the Clinton Foundation sooner, and I expect the decision not to prosecute in July for the former was a very tough sell internally. At all levels there will be FBI personnel who are Republican-leaning individuals and have seen people who’ve made careless mistakes have their lives destroyed in the name of justice in the United States. These personnel can only go home and look their kids in the eye if they genuinely believe their actions have made the country a better place and that the same ruthlessness is applied to all citizens regardless of how powerful they are. Deep down they probably know it isn’t true, but they will be able to believe it just enough if the lie is not blatantly exposed on national television.

The question is, can the Republic be saved?

Should it be saved?

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