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Wednesday roundup

Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania

One thing I do not want is non-citizens voting in American elections

If You Have A Mental Illness, This Antifa Student Group Wants You

That says so much

"We Don't Belong Here Anymore" - Even Landlords Are Fleeing The Bay Area

Progressive policies lead to Third-world conditions. See also The Feces of San Francisco

The Schiff Memo Harms Democrats More Than It Helps Them

Shooting themselves in the ass

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Melts Down After Spreading Fake News About AR-15 Purchase

The gun control narrative may destroy the press

House Democrats introduce bill prohibiting sale of semi-automatic weapons

Funny how they are going after guns and not the shooters

State Dept Gets $40 Million to Fund Troll Farm

Remember this when you read about Russians interfering in American elections

Growing Risk of U.S.-Iran Hostilities Based on False Pretexts, Intel Vets Warn

This has been in the works for years

Cops Are Taking People’s Firearms, Selling Them to Make a Profit and It’s 100% Legal

There's an old joke, what's the difference between robbery and taxes? Taxes are legal.

The Real Game Trump Is Playing on NAFTA

With Trump, never take anything for granted. It's all about the negotiation.

FBI wants $300 MILLION to prevent election meddling – can’t even prevent crime

Isn't that the job of the FEC?

How Authorities Failed To Stop School Shooter name redacted

Government experts are telling you that the solution to government failure is MORE GOVERNMENT

Year Two: 10 Things Trump Must Do to Finish Draining the Swamp

Good plan

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