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Friday roundup

The Backpage Scandal Isn't What You Think

“How indie media entrepreneurs James Larkin and Michael Lacey became the targets of a federal witchhunt.”

Ranked-Choice Voting Flips House Seat in Maine

81 Percent of Homes in the San Francisco Metro Area Are Worth More Than $1 Million. That's Not Normal.

Hillary Must Answer Key Email Questions, Federal Judge Orders

American Blasphemy

“How many college students believe “hate speech” shouldn’t be protected by the First Amendment? How many believe it should be a crime to use “hate speech”? How many believe they would be justified in punching someone who used “hate speech”?”

Rutgers University Reverses Course, Affirms Free Speech Rights for Professor Accused of Anti-White Racism

The Republican Tax Cuts Were a Political Failure. What Does That Mean for a Party That Agrees on Little Else?

Hiring People Based on Merit Deemed Problematic

TWO Outs ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Who Claims to Cure Gays, Yet Solicits Sex on Manhunt, a Gay Dating App

Mission: Revive the Rust Belt

Jim Acosta and his media enablers are on the verge of creating law that will damage journalism

In Defense of Climate Optimism

Meat Eaters Beware: The (Es)Steak Tax is Coming

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