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I want it understood

I want it understood.

I am not taking a stand against same sex marriage.

I’m standing against government licensing marriage.

According to the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Federal government has no power to define or regulate marriage.

Article 4, Section 1 declares States must honor each other’s laws. This means marriage too, someone married in Arizona will be recognized as married in Delaware.

No, my objection is simple. Obergefell vs. Hodges entrenches the Federal government in marriage.

Think about that carefully.

Why should the Federal government be involved in marriage?

Does that mean that the partners will love each other more? Does that make the sex better? Does that protect the people involved?

Paraphrasing that SodaHead writer, licenses exist so they can be denied.

My goal is not democracy. My goal is not the system. My goal is FREEDOM.

And that does not mean wedging the Federal government into marriage.

The question is not why the States and the Federal government did not license same sex marriage.

The question is why the States were ever allowed to license marriage in the first place.

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