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Tuesday roundup

Mueller investigation enters new phase

This is a taxpayer funded open ended attempt to take down a legally elected President. No Democrat would stand for it, and I am pretty sure Trump is going to stop playing nice.

Emails Show WaPo, NYT Reporters Were Reluctant To Cover Clinton And Lynch Meeting

Why was so much media deference given to the AG and the former President? Does anyone think that if the two had been Republican this would not have been instant front page news?

'The Comey FBI Lied to Us'

It's from WND so take it with a grain of salt. Still, we already knew this.

Federal employees step up defiance of Trump

The legacy press keeps portraying this as heroic. But no Democrat president would put up with it. No president should put up with it.

July Part-Time Work Jumps by 393,000; Full-Time Employment Down 54,000

These numbers make sense.

Need a $500 Loan to Buy a Fridge? Obama’s New Rules Would Require More Paperwork than a Mortgage

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be abolished now. It is not accountable to the President or Congress but has been given unrestrained regulatory power.

Why Simple Beats Complex


U.S. Army refuses to take Confederate general names off Brooklyn streets

So Confederate generals are not worthy as Americans? They supported the wrong side, but they still fought bravely and honorably.

Back Home, Speaker Ryan Can't Escape Questions About GOP

Related (an example of crony capitalism) - Ryan on Foxconn

Someone Just Noticed That Trump Is Getting Stuff Done

Trump distracts with the spectacle and does what he wants. This is how he works. Anyone who has read The Art of The Deal or watched him over the years knows this. Trump gets the headlines, gets the foundation done, and then the rest falls into place. The legacy media still doesn't know they're being played. The oligarchy resents his power independent of their institutions. I don't like him, I don't trust him, but he is wrecking a corrupt system.

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