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Tuesday roundup

The Gold Standard Didn't Disappear In 1971, It Just Went Underground

“Officially, the gold standard is regarded as superstitious nonsense, especially by academics. The fact that it worked very well for centuries, produced results that nobody seems able to achieve today, and – unlike any other “superstition” in the history of human civilization – has been shared by the ancients and moderns, Chinese, Romans, Persians and Aztecs, apparently means little to these people.”

Google’s “Smart City Of Surveillance” Faces New Resistance In Toronto

Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says

Health Care Ate America

“In 1960, six years before the start of Medicare and Medicaid, America spent about $27 billion on health care. That figure represented just under 5 percent of an economy that was about $543 billion in total. By 2016, combined public and private spending on health care had reached more than $3.3 trillion, or nearly 18 percent of the total economy, with almost half the bill paid by government. Now, thanks to factors such as increased drug prices and an aging population, official projections have health care spending increasing indefinitely.”

Suppressing Trump's Bigotry on Facebook Is Another Form of Bias

“Censoring politicians' racist, sexist, and abhorrent behavior on social media does a big favor to racist, sexist, and abhorrent politicians.”

University Cancels ‘The Vagina Monologues’ for Ignoring Transgender Women Without Vaginas

Despite Instructing Staffers To Remove Classified Markings, CNN’s Milgram Claims Hillary Didn’t Know Emails Were Classified

Restoring Fairness to Campus Sexual-Assault Investigations

Mall Retailers Melt Down in Four Charts

Are Sex Offenders Categorically Unworthy of Rights?

The Obamas are ‘Becoming’ a billion-dollar brand

How Ritualized Apologies Are Undermining Freedom of Expression

Migrant caravan at US border is harboring more than 500 criminals, Homeland Security claims

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