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Token - updated

The Obama administration said that a woman would replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill.

Not a specific woman. And nothing about the merits of who will be chosen.

No, there will be a woman on the ten dollar bill because she is a woman.

With one move, the Imperious Leader’s administration tokenizes half the human race.

Because the reason she will be on the bill is because she is a woman.

Not because of what she said.

Not because of what she did.

And certainly not because she is as worthy as a Real American Man™.

No, the paternalistic, compassionate, powerful government will elevate a woman.

Because everyone knows she couldn’t have gotten there on her own.

No matter who the politicos pick, she’s always going to be known as a token woman.

She will be put on the bill because she’s a woman. She has no other worth to the Imperious Leader.

They say as much.

The debate over who should be the face of the new $10 bill could become part of a wider conversation about the social and economic progress of women. Selecting just one person for such a symbolic role may involve trade-offs, forcing officials to decide which major milestone in American history to highlight.

They’ve literally reduced women to tokens to be spent on the political appearance.

Why should any American woman tolerate that?
Update: Warren Meyer wrote a good bit at Coyote Blog about why Jackson should be removed from the twenty dollar bill. Notice that he relies on what Jackson did and said rather than the fact that Andrew Jackson was a man.

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