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Thursday roundup

BREAKING: Charlotsville “Unite the Right” Organizer Was Occupy Wall St. Activist & Obama Supporter!

This is a heckava rumor. So was this a false flag operation?

The Rise of the Violent Left

“Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?”

Horse-riding, 10 Commandments-defending judge now front-runner for Sessions' seat

A despicable man who insists that all are bound by his interpretation of Christianity.

Yes, you can reject Antifa Commies and Alt Right Nazis at the same time

The only way the rest of us can win

Democrats Want All Symbols of Confederacy To Be Removed From Public View

Remember, it's the Democrat party that is associated with the Confederacy, racism, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK. Related - Statues of Limitation

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