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Thursday oversized roundup

Pop Culture Clobbered Conservatives In 2018

Donald Trump is playing poker

Deadly Insect-Borne Disease Outbreaks Linked to DDT Ban, Not Global Warming

Taxpayers Will Pay $1 Million to Tear Down $18 Million Baseball Stadium That Predictably Failed to Rejuvenate Camden

For every action there’s a reaction

“Having allowed the issue of women in the workplace to be hijacked by lunatic feminists bent on poisoning relations between the sexes, ordinary women are now finding their careers are suffering. Maybe they should have policed their own ranks a little better?”

Dow set to fall by nearly 400 points at the open as market sell-off continues

UN Climate Summit to Emit More CO2 Than 8,200 American Homes Do in a Year

MUST READ: Hey, Mr. Trump! Tear Down That Deep State Wall.....Of Secrecy

Les Gilets Jaunes – A Bright Yellow Sign of Distress

Bill And Hillary Clinton Are About To Go Away Forever

For Climate Interventionists, New Taxes Are Only The Beginning

85 Years After Prohibition Was Repealed, It’s Still Dogging Millions Of Americans

Emmanuel Macron has united France against him

Tech Giants Wake Up to EU Copyright Plan That Threatens to Nuke the Web

Never Again? Why are most American Jews ignoring history and today's reality?

Intelligo does constant background checks on your trusted employees

If they are trusted employees, why the constant checks?

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