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Thursday roundup

Delaware may let students ‘choose’ their race, gender without parental consent

Kids as young as five? What if they change their mind next week? And again the week after that?

Blogger R.S. McCain Says Tech Giants are 'Deplatforming' Conservatives Every Day

In the short term it inconveniences conservatives. In the long term, it isolates progressives into echo chambers and prevents them from learning to defend their arguments.

Arizona joins 20-state coalition seeking to end 'Obamacare'

Never trust government when they tell you "it's for your own good." That's what Obamacare was

No Jail For Texas Teen Who Lied About Being Raped By 3 Black Men

She should serve jail time

In Latest Twist in Net Neutrality Battle, Court Rules FTC Can Regulate Internet Providers

An open and free internet is the last, best hope for humanity. That's why people want it regulated.

Sessions says DOJ will investigate alleged FISA abuses

I give it about a one in six chance of reform

Father Of Florida Shooting Survivor Admits He Altered Email From CNN

Agendas within agendas

The Girl Who Told the Truth

“A decade ago, Gabby Sones accused her parents and five others of running the most depraved child sex ring in Texas history. Now she’s ready to clear their names.”

Bailing Out Bailouts

Nothing should be "too big to fail>"

Why Is CNN’s Approval Rating For Trump 15 Points Lower Than Rasmussen’s?

Using news to control the agenda

Dems fear overreach as left presses assault weapon ban

This is going to backfire

Brussels’ move on digital taxes raises transatlantic stakes

More legalized robbery

A banking centre seeks to reinvent itself

“Switzerland embraces digital currencies and crypto-entrepreneurs”

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