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Rebellion isn't free

Today I’ll talk about the Free Market Rebellion.

Rebellion is an overused word these days. It sparks an image of determined people with guns standing up to Uniformed Soldiers of the State. Both sides want a Hero on a White Horse to inspire people to take their side.

And capitalism has a bad reputation these days. Never mind that it’s really crony capitalism in the headlines, government and selected companies joined at the hip.

Capitalism, real capitalism, depends on the free market. That’s pretty important so let me make sure you notice.

Free market - consenting adults voluntarily exchange goods, services and ideas

That’s a pretty important definition.

It involves no collusions between Wall Street and Washington. No companies too big to fail. No monopolies backed by government force.

It’s unregulated. AS IT SHOULD BE.

Should Congress decide the brand of milk you buy? Should a government agency determine that the light bulbs in your house use too much power? Should the President dictate what is and is not compassionate?

Oh wait, they already do that, don’t they?


Is the government that created the income tax really qualified to make any choice on your behalf?

Remember, this is the same government that told you that health care costs could be reduced while you could keep your doctor. Of course you couldn’t see the plan until after it was made law, and even then the government had to bribe people right and left. Later they would tax the bribes. Not exactly trustworthy, is it?

The real answer is that government should be smaller, much smaller. Fewer taxes paying for fewer soldiers on foreign soil. Fewer agents and fewer mala prohibita laws.

Fewer government controls on your life and more freedom. More responsibility too, but that is another topic.

You decide who you want to do business with. Who you want to associate with. What you want to see. What you want to wear. What you want to eat. And yes, who you fuck. As long as it is mutually consenting adults AND you are not harming another, who cares? Why should they care?



And that brings us to my point finally. Because there are some marvelous amazing terrific things happening right now this very moment.

Without government.

Despite government.

Things that scare the politicos and technocrats silly.

Have I mentioned how awesome these things are?

A few people here are there are learning to work around government. To avoid government whenever possible.

Granted, it’s pretty hard to do when government conditions you from the cradle to depend on Your Friend the State.

First, government is not your friend. It never has been, and it can never be. Unless government steals freedom, it can never grant you privilege. And that just sets you up to be the next victim.

That means that every single benefit that the Federal government has ever granted came at the expense of someone’s freedom.

If you choose to buy insurance, that’s good. If the government mandates you buy insurance, that’s bad.

If you choose to buy pasteurized milk, that’s good. If the government mandates you buy pasteurized milk, that’s bad.

If you choose to sell some goat milk soap, that’s good. If the government prohibits you from selling goat milk soap, that’s bad.

So what keeps everyone honest about this?

Reputation. It’s what brand names depend on now, and it’s going to be even more vital in the future. And by the way, your reputation matters too, Do you pay your bills on time? Can you be trusted not to sue? Did you trash your last car rental?

And not a gun in sight.

It’s not hard to join this rebellion. Just figure out a way around government. And then hang on,.

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