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the Pagan Vigil Reader - updated

When I first created Pagan Vigil, one criticism was that there was no pagan and neopagan related news on the site. There was, but only as it related to liberty.

That was sort of the point. I wanted to show that you could be a person of faith and interested in politics without being a member of the Big Three. It seemed to me that most discussions about politics were about the “right” person getting elected so
your party could tell other people how to live their lives.

Besides, there were plenty of other pagan news sites. I didn’t really have time to do a pagan news site
and a liberty site.

Today there just aren’t that many pagan news sites. Many that do exist are in propriety systems like Facebook or locked behind paywalls. It may not be as big a niche as it once was. If anything neopagans and pagans are even more progressive and less tolerant of dissent. The echo chamber factor is increasing.

I wanted was one site I could go to and get pagan-related information without the aggressively overt progressivism. Or the alt-right nonsense. My own experience with some Stormfront members (look it up, I WILL NOT link to them) stealing my writing and quoting me out of context told me that some people were no good.

I don’t like RSS readers, most of them display only one source at a time which slows me down.

I was thinking about going onto reddit and asking if anyone knew about a pagan news site. Then I thought about doing it myself and asking for help. Standing in the shower early Monday, I wondered if I could do it with software I already owned. It took me about an hour or so to research and see it was possible. Then I sat down and designed a logo.

Yes, I
always start with a logo. I’m very visually oriented. It helps me picture the site in my head. In this case, since I was using a related domain name, I wanted it to feel like the original Pagan Vigil without mimicking it. I already owned the domain so that wasn’t a problem. I wanted a site that would mostly run itself.

And I needed to
make something to get the taste of this election out of my mouth. The reaction has been poisonous.

From shower to activating the site, it took about a day and a half. Not bad considering I had to learn to use
Stacks in RapidWeaver. Oh, and RSS Widget 2. It’s not perfect and it took me a little while to get the page looking decent. But now I own my own pagan aggregator site that does most of what I wanted. It seems foolish to put in that own effort and hoard it, so I’m putting it up publicly.

The addy for this site,
Pagan Vigil willl still be It’s still heavily libertarian, but now it has a link in the top menu to neopagan news and headlines. You don’t have to use that. Pagan Vigil stays my agitator site.

The Pagan Vigil Record Pagan Vigil Reader,, is my new aggregator site.

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