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One paragraph

Between jabs at Donald Trump during her speech at AIPAC on Monday, Hillary Clinton wondered “what’s taking us so long here in America” to elect a female president.
     — Steve Guest, Hillary At AIPAC: ‘What’s Taking Us So Long’ To Elect A Female President?

So let's talk about this paragraph, shall we?

Electing someone BECAUSE they are a woman makes about as much sense as electing someone because they ate lime key pie last week.

It tells you nothing about the person except one superficial fact.

What are her qualifications?

People aren't labels and they certainly aren't defined by labels.

Once again, progressives are tokenizing women.

Or in the case of Secretary Clinton, distracting your attention.

Can you name one worty thing she has done? Certainly the way she mananged "bimbo eruptions" did more to push back "women's rights" than almost any other female in American history.

All she can do is tell you that it's time for a WOMAN to be elected. That's all she's got and that is what she is depending on.

If she could handle the job, she wouldn't rely on her "victimhood."

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