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Closing Monument Valley

Monument Valley closed due to ‘cult activity'

Monument Valley Tribal Park has closed after a group was filming without a filming permit, leading to a demonstration, according to law enforcement officials.

The group was ousted while filming for “Witness in the Desert,” a project led by Derek Broes, a “gnostic luciferian,” better known as “Global Witness.”

Broes describes his film project as a “YouTube event like any other in history.”

“Multiple channel hosts that represent more than 2 million subscribers will participate in a live event that will be broadcast live from multiple locations in the ancient locations of tribal lands in and around Monument Valley, Arizona,” he said.

The Navajo Nation’s Parks and Recreation Department authorized the closure of the park today (Nov. 29) until further notice.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for all visitors and community members,” the agency posted on its Facebook page. “Your understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated.”

Oljato Chapter President James F. Adakai told the Navajo Times that due to high level of potential threat to the health and safety of the public in the Oljato area, the chapter is seeking the assistance of law enforcement to escort Broes and his group out of tribal lands.
     — Krista Allen
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