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Thursday roundup

Former Officials Give Conflicting Accounts of Kerry State Dept’s Handling of Trump Hoax Dossier

It keeps getting deeper

L.L. Bean sued for scrapping unlimited return policy

Some people don't want to be nice

Science, secrecy, and lies in Oklahoma

There should never be secret hearings mixed with public accountability

The Real "State of the Union" Rather Than the Don's Version

The real numbers

FCC's next step on net neutrality: Blocking the states

One of the few times I think the commerce clause applies. You can't have one set of rules for Ohio and another for California when it's the internet

Teacher Charged With Child Abuse, Allegedly Forced Boy To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance

If the pledge is not voluntary, it's meaningless

Petition Calls on Disney and Marvel Studios to Invest 25% of ‘Black Panther’ Profits to Black Communities

Hard to see this one as anything except extortion.

Israeli Company Successfully Grows Bones from Fat Cells

The next question is can they grow organs?

Success Academy Charter Schools Are a Big Success

The free market can deliver better results

Jeff Sessions’ Cruel Prescription for Pain

Why is law enforcement interfering with medicine?

Some California Cities Criminalize Nuisance Code Violations

And the lawyers get a big piece of the action

E-Verify Threatens Us All

Turning your employer into an unpaid government spy. Another bad precedent from the income tax

Andrew Napolitano: Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a parting shot at personal freedom

A year our of office and the Obama administration is becoming the most corrupt administration ever

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