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Monday roundup

Pagan student slams 'Solstice' theme for Cambridge May Ball as she accuses college of using ancient religious festival 'as an excuse for people to get drunk'

Who cares?

Here Are 5 Criminal Justice Reform Measures That Americans Say They Support

Common sense

Amazon’s Alexa Is Now a Feminist

Now the machines are victims

Are Microschools the Next Big Thing?

I like the concept

Clinton shielded top adviser accused of sexual harassment

But remember, Clinton is a defender of women's rights?

Trump's Immigration Crackdown Means ICE Will Track Your License Plate Even if You're Not an Immigrant

Don't object, Citizen. It's for your own protection.

15 Times Major Media Outlets Used a Statistic about Plastic Straws Based on Research by a 9-Year-Old

Just gives you faith in the news reported by major media outlets. Next time they'll use an 11 year old.

Judicial Watch Sues for Text Messages of FBI’s Strzok and Page

The sooner this information gets out there, the better

“Show Me Your Papers!” Roundups, Checkpoints and National ID Card

I keep flashing on WWII movies. Then I notice that this is happening right now

Grammy Ratings Fall From 2017 As Politics Dominate Music’s Biggest Night

People don't watch award shows for politics. Related - Nikki Haley thinks Hillary’s cameo ruined the Grammys

‘Assassination Style’: Widow Of Man Slain In The Bundys’ Oregon Standoff Is Suing The Feds

The people who did it will get off scott-free

She Asked for Help for Postpartum Depression. The Nurse Called the Cops.

It's for her own good, Citizen.

Anti-conservative SPLC now has chapters on 100+ campuses

This is not going to end well

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