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Thursday roundup

House Used Shutdown Chaos To ‘De-Fang’ Harassment Slush Fund Reform, Ethics Experts Say

Politicos can't be trusted to do the right thing unless watched very closely

Senate Intelligence Committee denied access to memo detailing alleged surveillance abuses

If Congress has no oversight, it's time to dissolve the agencies

NSA Deletes “Honesty” And “Openness” From Core Values

This agency can't be trusted

Border Patrol agents spark anger after boarding bus in Florida to ask passengers for proof of citizenship

How does this happen in a free nation?

State Legislators Want to Repeal Charter School Law Before Any Charter Schools Have Opened

This is a sure sign that there are too many laws

FBI Agents Privately Said Russia Probe Would Be a Wild Goose Chase—and the Media is Silent

The fix is still in

Ridiculous class-action lawsuits are costing you tons of money

Most of the money goes to cover legal costs

Donald Trump Supports School Choice. Here's Why You Should Too.

“We're spending more than double what we used to spend per pupil with no improvement on tests for high school seniors.”

The Supreme Court's Big Public Sector Union Case Is Really About Free Speech

“Can public sector unions force recalcitrant workers to pay dues, or does that violate the First Amendment?”

‘Free Range Kids’ bill passes Utah Senate committee

A move back to sensible parenting

Deceptive Accounting Practices May Be Driving Up Education Costs

Well, it's certainly one factor. Government backed education loans are another

9th Circuit Revives Suit by Couple Whose Children Were Seized Over Bathtime Photos

No court order, just seizing the kids

Is the humble sandwich a climate change culprit?

If there was any doubt left, the "fight against climate change" is about controlling your life

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