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Friday roundup

The University of Iowa kicks Christian group off campus for its religious beliefs

You can't do that unless you do that to every faith organization on campus, including all the atheist, humanist, and climate change groups.

Norway becomes first country to switch off FM radio

From FM to digital

Hate Hoax Map

At this point I don't believe anything reported as a hate crime. I can't remember when the last one turned out to be true.

Net Neutrality Isn't Neutral At All

Newspeak strikes again. It's not neutral. And it certainly wouldn't have protected the internet. Competition is the real answer.

Amash, Massie, and Other Congress Members Demand Standalone Vote on Federal Surveillance Laws

“Can they get past the FBI vs. Trump narrative to talk about snooping on the rest of us?”

Explosive Texts Point To FBI, Not Russian, Meddling In 2016 Election

You mean Trump was right when he said government agenices were conspiring against him?

Democrats Deployed Russophile Colluder Against Trump

It was a conspiracy, just like Trump said? Who would have thought? And there is more. Fusion GPS admits DOJ official's wife Nellie Ohr hired to probe Trump

Doing Houston Wrong

Houston is ignoring the elitist planners and that a GOOD thing.

Judicial Watch: State Department Made Deal with Hillary Clinton to Keep Call Log, Schedules Secret

In direct violation of US law.

The first lawsuit to save net neutrality was announced minutes after the FCC voted to repeal it

Have you noticed that no one talks about the benefits that the regulations supposedly brought, only the imminent disaster that will happen now that they've been repealed? Also California, Washington, NY take steps after net neutrality vote

Stalkers in Blue

Uniformed authority figures abusing the public trust

The Satanic Temple continues its fight for religious liberty on multiple fronts

I bet you never thought that religious liberty could be defended by Satanists

Las Vegas massacre survivors 2 months later: 'We're in the dark'

There are WAY too many unanswered questions here. What are authorities hiding?

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