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Government FREAK out

This is another reason why the Federal government should be hands off when it comes to the internet.

The flaw resulted from a former U.S. government policy that forbade the export of strong encryption and required that weaker “export-grade” products be shipped to customers in other countries, say the researchers who discovered the problem. These restrictions were lifted in the late 1990s, but the weaker encryption got baked into widely used software that proliferated around the world and back into the United States, apparently unnoticed until this year.

Competition keeps us honest.

Competition means the products we buy today are better and often cheaper than what we could buy yesterday.

Putting FedGov technocrats in the middle is not a good idea.

Do you think we would have the smartphones and tablets and laptops we have now if the tech had to be Government Approved?

Look at how fast smartphones changed after the introduction of the iPhone. That wasn’t an accident. And it wasn’t planned by some government agency. It happened because someone had a better idea and customers decided they wanted to try it.

That’s the free market working.

You want to improve the economy? Get rid of the regulation that is in the way. Let it work for you, not for some government functionary. Let companies succeed or fail because of what they offer their customers. Forget the government connections.

Competition keeps us honest.
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