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Busting a move

Cop Stops to Bust a Move With Senior Dancing Alone on the Street

No one could bust this sweet 92-year-old woman for boogying on the side of the road – but a passing police officer did pull over so she could bust a move with the senior.

Sergeant Kim Lenz of the Austin Police Department in Texas first saw Millie Seiver grooving by herself in the parking lot of her apartment building last week.

Seeing that the senior had no one to dance with, Lenz pulled her squad car over, turned up her radio volume, and went to go dance with Seiver.

The video of the dancing duo from Lenz’s squad car has since been viewed thousands of times. Seiver says that she hopes the video will inspire others to dance like no one is watching – even if there is a police officer nearby.

tip of the hat to Good News Network

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