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NeoNotes — Roy Moore and the Decalogue monument

Pardon, but there are other issues.

Moore put a Decalogue monument in court. At night. With very few people knowing until the next day. Moore is on record as saying that man's law is under God's law. That is not something you want to hear a judge say, especially when you don't share his religion. Moore was removed from office for the monument and his refusal to remove it.

Yes, the sex thing is questionable and the timing is even more questionable.

But Moore is not a paragon of virtue. He's precisely the theocratic Republican that non-Christians dread. Here you go supporting him as if the fact that he's a Republican makes up for his character flaws.

And yes, they are flaws. You don't demand that others submit to your religion. If I can object when the Islamists do it, if I can object when the climate change crowd does it, I can damn well object when a theocratic Republican passes it off as religious freedom and tells tales of his "oppression" because of his faith.


But considering Moore was elected Chief Justice, he was removed from office, and was elected again, I don't trust their judgement.

When Republicans I know cover for Moore because he is a Republican, when they overlook the obvious threat to freedom that he represents, all in the name of keeping a Republican in the Senate seat, I know that those Republicans can't be fully trusted.

It's sacrificing principle for politics. Politics always corrupts. This is about good intentions. And you know what's paved with good intentions.

Moore and others like him are deliberately confusing two issues. The buildings you cite show Christianity and the Decalogue as one of many influences on American law and Western Civilization as a whole. This is certainly keeping with the Founder's vision, who named one house of the national legislature the Senate and have a ceremonial mace made like a Roman fasces for the other.

Most non-Christians have no problem with this view. There's no doubt that Christians have contributed heavily, but they are at their best when they aren't the only game around.

What Moore and those like him want is to put their version of Christianity above all other faiths and beyond question from mere mortal men and women. It's about control of what is and what is not allowed, despite what the courts and voters might say. It's politics in one of it's worst permutations.

On private property it would have been fine. But on public property, specifically where decisions about the law were made, it was a war cry that in that time, in that place, Christianity must reign supreme.

Moore's monument put the Decalogue above all else. Not even all Christians agree with that, they usually go with Matthew 22. The fact that Roy Moore saw fit to sneak it in under the cover of night without telling even his fellow justices is telling. He tried to make Christianity supreme, and openly stated that man's law fell under (his) God's law, and that he had the power to enforce that. He was wrong. Three separate courts agreed, and he was ordered to remove it. He refused, and framed the incident as an attack on Christianity.

Personally, I think faith is between you and the Divine. No one has the power to dictate or control the faith of another. You don't demand that others submit to your religion because then there is nothing stopping them from demanding that you submit to theirs. As a personal inspiration, Christianity can be amazing. As the basis for cultural morality, it usually fails.

And I can say the same thing for ANY religion or faith BECAUSE it's between you and the Divine.
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NeoNotes — Religion enshrined in law

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