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Monday extra-big roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

Top 3% of U.S. Taxpayers Paid Majority of Income Taxes in 2016

How about that? They paid more than their fair share.

Gore: Jet Stream 'Getting Loopier and Wavier,' So 'We Have a Global Emergency'

Al Gore is capitalizing on the news and fear. The jet stream hasn't changed.

Trump snubs Feinstein, Harris to nominate conservative judges to liberal 9th Circuit

Mary Robinson on climate change: ‘Feeling “This is too big for me” is no use to anybody’

Italian Interior Minister prepares legislature for self-defence: “No trial for those who defend their property”

‘Bitcoin and Guns, That’s the Only Way to Save This Country’

From the Ukraine

Libertarian and Police Accountability Pages Deleted in Facebook Purge

Golly gee whilikers, could Facebook have an agenda?

Facebook has lost 30% of its value since July

500,000 Afghan migrants are ready to enter Europe via unprotected Turkish-Greek border area

Technically, isn't that an invasion?

Bear spray, bloody brawls at Patriot Prayer 'law and order' march in Portland

Dozens of Witches Gather to Place Public Hex on Brett Kavanaugh

They have decided that he is guilty and they are going to be very public about it

Black Man Cuffed on His Own Property While Moving Into New Home

Venezuela Has Lost 13% of its Population in a Mass Exodus from Socialism

Fight Fizzles Before Police Arrive; Cops Start Tasing and Arresting People Anyway

Violence, Public Anger Erupts In China As Home Prices Slide

Lawsuit: KSP trooper attacks man after Facebook post

Strange doings in Kentucky

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson in 'real legal jeopardy', GOP investigator says

Toronto's Sick Kids hospital preparing policy for euthanasia for youth over 18 that could one day apply to minors

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

The view from Saudi Arabia as world holds its breath

“With Saudi Arabia one of Britain's closest allies, diplomats are treating the alleged death of Jamal Khashoggi very carefully.”

Thousands line up for zero-down-payment, subprime mortgages

This won't end well

How the Heir of the White Nationalist Movement Learned to Let Go of Hatred

Congress Can’t Create an Independent and Unaccountable New Branch of Government

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was designed to be unaccountable.


Bonus Saturday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

WATCH: #HimToo: Neil Patrick Harris Recalls Proposition From Whoopi Goldberg When He Was A Mid-Teen

So why isn't Goldberg being attacked over hitting on a teen?

Democrats agree to confirmations of 15 Trump judges

"Principle" bows to politics

Sometimes I Just Go Full Potato

“By engaging in this public surge and display of unfettered hate – for there is no other name for it – they are revealing themselves for what they really are: extreme radicals and bullies willing to do anything, including burn down the house while you are in it, to get what they want. They do not believe society’s laws and rules apply to them, because they regularly and intentionally (or stupidly) misinterpret the Law of the Land. They are encouraged to do so, and to traipse as close to the edge of anarchy as possible to get what they want, with no thought to the consequences.”

I Won’t Support An Elizabeth Warren Presidency While She Appropriates My Identity

So the author would support a liar as long as she stops lying about what's important to the author

We’re Not on the Brink of Civil War. Here’s Why.

How Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Finally United The Right Under Trump

Sad to say, totally accurate.

Six Months Later, People Are Finally Realizing That FOSTA Actually Is Putting Lives At Risk

Top Ten Alternative Media Sites BANNED on Facebook and Twitter

First They Came for Alex Jones — We Told You We Were Next — We Were

What Sears’ Bankruptcy Says About Amazon’s Future


Posers, the lot of them

They don't want justice. The want attention. They don't know the least little thing about magick. But they know how to put on a show.


Tuesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

Do Half of All Marriages Really End in Divorce?

“This outdated statistic has many young people hesitant to tie the knot.”

NATO to Deploy 45,000 Troops Near Russian Border—Calling it a “Defensive” Move

China confirms detention of former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei

U.S. not invited to Canada’s upcoming trade meeting — only ‘like minded’ nations allowed

How the mushroom dream of a ‘long-haired hippie’ could help save the world’s bees

ACLU's Opposition to Kavanaugh Sounds Its Death Knell

BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors

Politico: 'After Failing to Stop Kavanaugh, Dems Wonder If It's Time to Be More Ruthless'

"Next time they should just murder the nominee."

Former Google boss launches scathing Silicon Valley attack urging tech giants to end the delusion that it's making the world a better place

Trump Isn’t a Self-Made Man. His Wealth Is the Product of Years of Government Subsidies.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Eliminate' Electoral College, It 'Undermines' Democracy

There is one thing good I can't deny about the Electoral College, it kept Al Gore and Hillary Clinton the Presidency.

IPCC Report Reaches Dire Conclusions Based on Models that Overstate Rate of Warming

The Democrats' Complaints About the Senate Being Undemocratic Are Pure Whining and Excuse-Making: Here's Why


Witch hunt

Trauma and Truth

That idea—that the presumption of innocence, fundamental to common law, should be suspended for accusations of sexual assault—has been the cornerstone of the campus-rape bureaucracy; during the Kavanaugh hysteria, that conceit jumped out of the ivory tower into the world at large. It will be no easy task to put it back. In preparation for the next Salem witch trial-like ordeal, therefore, it is worth empirically rebutting the #BelieveSurvivors mandate, as well as its corollary: the claim that if most self-professed rape survivors in our patriarchal culture don’t report their assaults, that’s because the “social and emotional” costs are too high, as California congressman Ted Lieu explained on MSNBC last Sunday.
     — Heather Mac Donald

Monday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

The Great Revolt: Understanding Real Trump Voters

Worth a much closer look.

When the Washington Post Spiked My Sex Abuse Tip

Yes, THAT Mark Judge.

Democrats' big miscalculation: Conservative women like me won't abandon Brett Kavanaugh

The Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological Terrorism, And It’s Time They End

Sex: the elephant in the room at Vatican youth synod

Kavanaugh sworn to high court after rancorous confirmation

Scathing Report Accuses the Pentagon of Developing an Agricultural Bioweapon

Cops Breaking Facebook Rules, Creating Fake Accounts to Watch You—Here’s How to Spot Them

Democrats Attack Supreme Court’s Legitimacy After Kavanaugh Confirmation

"Bankrupt" UN Budget: Who Hasn't Paid Their Dues?

Interpol demands answers from China on missing president Meng Hongwei

The officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been hired by another police department

A shadowy op-ed campaign is now smearing SpaceX in space cities



And there are those of us who ask why is it OK to bind Republicans but it wasn't OK to bind Democrats.
     — NeoWayland

Wednesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

Sting operation targets sex trafficking in downtown Lewiston

Notice that sex isn't against the law, only paying for sex.

My sinister battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the truth

Fed's Powell sees 'remarkably positive outlook' for economy that may be 'too good to be true'

There are some major issues that hardly anyone is talking about. Trump's "successes" have always relied first on appearances rather than reality.

Trump Can Now Text Every Single Citizen Directly—It Starts This Week and You Cannot Opt Out

A lot depends on how it is used, but this is a Remarkably Bad Idea. I'm pretty sure it won't be for just “emergencies.”

"They Are Worried About Panic": China Blocks Bad Economic News As Economy Slumps

After Budget Cuts, the IRS’ Work Against Tax Cheats Is Facing “Collapse”

The Era of Near-Zero Interest Rates Is Over

Shocker from The Guardian: Save us the smugness over 2018’s heatwaves, environmentalists

Americans Spent More On Taxes Than Clothing And Food Combined In 2017

This Is Not Free Trade, Not Even Close

Brazil Considers Scaling Back Its Gun Control

Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama

I suspect that Trump is looking for the best moment to order the FBI to do it anyway.

Mom Suing after Cop Seen Smiling, Giving Thumbs Up Holding Her Dead Son’s Arm in Leaked Photo


NeoNote — Allegation is not proof

People tend to repeat behavior that has been successful or will bring them an emotional high.


Tuesday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

DFL inquiry can't substantiate Ellison abuse allegation; report sent to law enforcement

Funny how women aren't believed when it's a Democrat being accused

Why Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Should be Treated as Job Interviews, not Criminal Trials

Julie Swetnick Told NBC Her Brett Kavanaugh Story, and She Has Serious Credibility Issues

16-year-old girl saves little brother from cougar with bow-and-arrow

Bryan Caplan’s (Convincing) Case Against Education

Grandfather and Grandsons Detained by Officer, Kicked Out of Park for Drinking Kombucha Tea

EU: Politicizing the Internet

Feds Force Suspect To Unlock An Apple iPhone X With Their Face

Buried in an Overloaded and Terrible News Cycle: The House of Representatives Just Voted to Expand the PATRIOT Act.

Seattle Judges Finally Throw Out 15 Years Worth of Marijuana Convictions

A global tipping point: Half the world is now middle class or wealthier

The Secret Algorithm That Could Send You to Prison, Take Your Kids, or Crash Your Car


Monday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

You Gave Facebook Your Number For Security. They Used It For Ads.

The warm glow of kindness is real, even when there's nothing in it for you

The 15 Organizations Every Young Libertarian Should Know

A Legitimate (And Provable) Reason To Not Support Kavanaugh For SCOTUS

CIBC, A Huge Canadian Bank, Was Offline All Day, Proving Again The Dangers of a Cashless Society

That sign telling you how fast you’re driving may be spying on you

Canada — And The World — Abandon Green Energy Agenda

A Modest Privacy Protection Proposal

Brett Kavanaugh's Illegal Beer Consumption Highlights the Perversity of Drinking Ages

This is What Donald Trump Must Do to Battle the Deep State and Win


Sunday roundup

Headlines that don't merit their own entry

Murders and Rapes Increasingly Going Unsolved as Cannabis Arrests Surge—Despite Legalization

‘We Are Always on the Verge of Chaos,’ Says PJ O’Rourke: New at Reason

The American Bar Association's Lack of Transparency

Brexit: Delicate talks as high noon approaches

ACLU breaks its own policy, comes out against Kavanaugh nomination

The One Thing I am Sure About In the Whole Kavanaugh Brouhaha -- That My Policy of Not Meeting With Young Women Alone Is Absolutely Justified

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