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Six sex rules

I've six sex rules. People laugh when I say that, but the first two are unbreakable and would solve 97% of all sex issues in this country.

Number one is consenting adults only. There are times that I think breaking that one should result in the forced removal of body parts. Without anesthetic. And dull blades. On live television.

But, of course, that would offend modern sensibilities.

How it would offend more than rape is something that I am still waiting for someone to explain.

Right choice

I think the mark of an adult is the ability to make the right choice without the threat of punishment. Or perhaps despite it.

We know that's possible. Under the right circumstances, we even revere the people who did that as saints and heroes.
     — NeoWayland

Consenting adults

Consenting adults.

Nice, simple, solves WAY more problems than it causes.
     — NeoWayland
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