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That time of year again

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That time of year again

Certain fundamentalists trot out the scare tactics again

Every year at this time, there are people who drag out the old "ritual crime" scare tactics.

Long story short, most of the people who claim to be "authorities" aren't qualified investigators and have almost no knowledge of Pagan or Satanic beliefs or rituals. Just the juxtaposition of those two words tends to annoy me.

Red Cedar Owl wrote in response to the article cited above.

October 23, 2005

Mr. James J. Kouri, CPP

5th Vice President

New Jersey


Dear Sir:

The headline of your recent article pertaining to the murder of Pamela Vitale is nothing but pure grandstanding. Several of your sources quoted for "so called occult" expertise are frauds.

Mike Warnke-- A former High Priest of Satan, Mike Warnike claims that it's "...all about sex and be different.

Mr. Warnke was never any such thing. His story was investigated and found to be a complete and total fabrication. Please go to this website for details (it is run by Christians).

Patricia Pulling-- According to Pat Pulling, a criminologist

Ms. Pulling is not a criminologist, not unless she has returned to school and received a diploma. Ms. Pulling is the mother a young man who committed suicide in connection with the old D&D game. Ms. Pulling did not receive or obtain her PI license until several years after her son's tragic death. The process by which she obtained that license consisted of a 42 or 48 hour course. You may learn more of Ms. Pulling's story here:

I will now deal with some flaws in other quotations:

""*Cremation (destruction of victim along with evidence).""

Cremation will not destroy all traces of a human body. The commercial process of cremation that is carried out at funeral homes is perhaps the most complete. The body is of course burned in an oven. The remains are swept into a container and then pulverized by mechanical means. Even this very comprehensive destruction leaves bone fragments that a forensic pathologist can identify. Do you seriously believe that psuedo-Satanists could or would do such a comprehensive job of body disposal?

see this site for rules and process, section 1:10

""Although there have been reports of human sacrifices, especially infanticide, these incidents are extremely rare. Those claiming they are not rare but routine say that the infants used in the monstrous ceremony is one that has been conceived and raised just for the purpose of ritual murder. These police officers -- Sandi Gallant among them -- say that birth records of these babies do not exist since the children are born using midwife who's a member of the group or even a physician-member. Children born into a cult are called Generationals""

Ok, lets suppose that you have found a crime scene where you think such an above sacrifice has taken place. In order to prove such a murder you need forensic evidence. You know blood, hair, skin fragments-- don't you think that DNA sampling could lead to the mother? And if it truly was "a newborn" don't you think a physical examination by a doctor of the suspected mother would establish that she had recently given birth? Where are the case files to back up this assertion?

""*No physical evidence is found to substantiate statements given by victims or former cult members.""

Could this be because no crime was committed except in the delusions of the people being questioned?

""*Crime scenes are never found.""

Perhaps NO crime was committed.

""*Crime scenes are found, but do not fit the descriptions given.""

Gee, if your dealing with people who are delusional and using drugs and alcohol-- Why would this be a surprise?

""*Crime victims are interviewed together in the presence of parents or legal guardians. They may be ashamed to discuss their victimization in front of them or they are terrified to discuss the case because their parents or guardians are part of the cult.""

This process also keeps the cops honest. It keeps them from asking leading questions and hammering/questioning someone for 12 hours straight. I know of cases where the cops did just this without the parent or guardian present and, Guess what? The cops got just the "story" they wanted.

""*The suspects and the news media become aware of the case prematurely.""

This can be a real problem. It becomes one when someone not connected with the case speaks out of turn. I believe that this could very well apply to you, Mr. Kouri.

In short, Mr. Kouri, your article borders on yellow journalism. Good police work is hard enough. Someone in your position should not be spreading this type of information. Ms. Pulling and Mr. Warnke are damaged and discredited sources. This no different than a policeman relying upon a snitch, you have to verify the information before you can act upon it.

Follow the evidence, Mr. Kouri, follow the evidence.

Sincerely yours,

Red Cedar Owl, a Pagan

P.S. I am also forwarding a copy of this to Mr. George H. Vuilleumier, Jr., The American Chronicle and at least 3 other websites. I also recommend that you re-read Mr. Ken Lanning's report concerning this topic. You know the FBI g

I don't usually touch on Pagan specific issues in this blog. But accusations like this article are meant to deny freedom to those who do not practice the "approved" faiths.

Chances are if someone is using "ritual occult symbols" in a crime, they aren't doing it because of their faith. They are doing it to shock people, to scare people, to draw attention to what they are doing. They are pretenders and poseurs. There are others who use the trappings of neopaganism or other less known faiths to hide their own sexual predator activities.

In cases like I have just described, some real Pagans do everything they can to put these scum away. But these cases are a minority, and no more reflect the various Pagan faiths than a pedophile priest is symbolic of Christianity.

There is no widespread conspiracy, no grand high secret council, no union of "anti-Christians." There is nothing that relates the various non-Christian groups and individuals together except the fact that they are non-Christian. It's a bit like calling a blue house black because it is not white.

Just because there are people who do not share your faith doesn't mean that they are evil. It's fear that gives both the criminals and the fundamentals power over your actions.

Posted: Sun - October 23, 2005 at 05:39 PM

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