❝Because LIBERTY demands more than black and white❞

NWNW site updates

NeoWayland is a pagan philosopher, libertarian & part-time trouble maker. Keeping vigil, he shares beacons of individual freedom & responsibility while watching for threats to LIBERTY. There's more to life than just black & white.
  • Added innumerate to lexicon.

  • Added Julian factor to lexicon.

  • Added table stakes to lexicon.

  • Minor update to racism definition.

  • Updated polygamy definition in lexicon and added references to polygyny.

  • Added Ides of Diana to ACT.

  • Edited pagan entry at lexicon.

  • Added feature headline to PV Watching Headlines page.

  • Minor rewrites and editing of sex rules lexicon entry.

  • Moved about box on PV blog list and PV blog post pages to right column.

  • Disabled PV Admin Portal blog post page title editing button. Left drop down info.

  • Major layout tweaks on PV headlines page.

    Added limited blog feed to PV headlines page.

    Added new style to PV for linked blog titles.

    Major changes in PV top banner and page title headers.

    Disabled PV Admin Portal copyright rewrite button, but left dropdown code. Pasted copyright code directly into footer.

  • Tweaked PV menu.

  • Added submission buttons to PV Watching Headlines page.

  • Edited PV Admin Portal page to include copy-paste text for headline articles subquotes.

  • Edited social justice lexicon entry.

  • Added demonic possession to lexicon.

  • Minor modifications on PV watching headlines page.

    Updated NWNW to include watching headlines link in dropdown menu and in news section.

  • The Pagan Vigil Reader is up and running. I'll have to change the RSS source when I get TPY resurrected, but I shouldn't have to make any more changes.

  • Reworked PV menus.

    Edited bear definition to include actual definition of what bears are.

    Added baizuo to lexicon.

  • Finished cross reference links in lexicon and published.

  • Minor rewrite of competition lexicon entry. Changes not published yet pending lexicon updates.

  • Tweaks on PV blog post layout page, including restricting blog post gallery to four images maximum. Added banner gallery to libertarian meme page. Redid code for sidebar and about box background uses new directory controlled by admin portal.

  • Cleaned up and unified UI on PV admin portal. Added backstage tab and moved appropriate items there.

  • Minor rewrite of politics lexicon entry. Need to redo links to show both old and new PV politics tags. Lexicon changes not published.

  • Minor rewrites in PV blog form labels for copy paste.

    Unpinned top NWNW menu on basic PV partial. Gave main page it's own menu with additional links for liberty memes page, slice of life page, and other political memes. Changed galleria link to the same CMS link age galleria page title so it can be easily changed. Set liberty memes link, slice of life link, and other political memes link to the same CMS link as their pages so they can be changed, Set remarks link so it shared the same CMS link as the remarks page title.

  • Updated the lexicon entry for liberty blue. Lexicon changes not published yet.

  • Added links for Da Tech Guy's Laws of Media Outrage to lexicon entry the NarrativeĀ®. Did not publish as I have other cross links to make and I am focused on PV.

  • Made left sidebar on main page a partial and put it on the headlines page as well.

  • Added breadcrumb menu to PV footer so it shows on all pages. Enabled breadcrumbs in RapidWeaver advanced settings. Put joke under disclaimer in footer.

  • Moved PV page in site directory so it precedes remarks page and network page on subpage menus

  • Tested timetable site to make sure that MacHighway fixed the neowayland.com FTP issues too.

  • Added PV new headlines page with maximum number of 200 (stack won't allow more). Maxed out the feed entries shown on reamrks and network page. Created button/title to link to headlines page. Created button to link to remarks page. Created button to link to updates page. Reduced the number of headlines showing on main page. Added feed lists for remarks and network on main page. Added RSS link for headlines feed list. Added RSS graphic with link to main page, blog list page, and blog entry page. Changed admin portal with headline page label so it can be easily changed, it affects Changed blog list page and blog entry page so that two column stack was set to full width to eliminate side margins. Added many other pictures. Accidentally erased galleria pictures.

  • MacHighway changed FTP again. They changed it back after I complained.

  • Added dropboxes and cleaned up the PV Admin Portal.

    Worked through some file issues and loaded many more photos to the PV galleries.

  • Added labels with commonly used HTML snippets to just above editors on PV admin portal. Changed remarks editor and NWNW updates editor to markdown instead of hipwig.

  • Added text fields with labels showing default page titles on PV admin portal. Linked them to all pages but main.

  • Changed all content editors on Admin Portal to hipwig instead of markdown. Replaced content daughter stack on Blog Form so hipwig editor would show. It's the only real way I can include custom HTML.

  • Changed font on PV slogan. Eliminated display of single image galleries in the actual blog posts, although they still show up in the feeds if I want. Tested new code view in blog editor so I can insert and edit HTML code directly as needed.

  • Added search filter to PV blog page.

  • Updated Pagan Vigil footer to include Comments stack link.

  • Pagan Vigil blog with Disqus comments is good to go. Deleting the test posts and making the first real entry.

  • Restored galleria subpages on Pagan Vigil.

  • Drafted but didn't publish lexicon entry for the Seven Assumptions of the Comfortably Numb. Still needs cross references, additions to subindexes. Deleted corresponding picture from liberty memes at Pagan Vigil galleria.

  • Consolidated Pagan Vigil galleria pages.

  • Renamed NeoWayland NetWork site updates page at Pagan Vigil.

  • Minor rewrite of politics of victimhood lexicon entry.

  • Added politics of victimhood link to intersectionality lexicon entry.

  • Added Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine to lexicon.