Back when the panic over COVID-19 began, the masks and social distancing weren't supposed to save lives. The plan was to spread out the deaths so hospitals didn't get slammed all at once. It was called “flattening the curve.” The plan was that people were still going to die, but Duly Designated Officials® would ensure that it didn't all happen at once. That was the Plan.  

Never mind that people including the U.S. Surgeon General questioned mask effectiveness. Never mind that social distancing was curiously selective. It was (SUPPOSEDLY) about saving lives, and anyone who dared question the plan was a big nasty Poo Poo Head who didn't care about people dying. Or about minorities. Or about Grandma. No, deniers were ESPECIALLY E-E-E-V-I-L-L-L OUTLIERS who threatened our way of life. No going out in public. No patronizing smaller mom & pop stores. No congregating, and certainly no worship allowed.

That was when I started flashing on the climate change alarmists.  “Do as we say. For the Greater Good. Or we shall taunt you unmercifully.” 

Then came the protests. Protests were okay because they were Fighting Injustice. Social distancing wasn't nearly as important as Fighting Injustice. Until there were smashed windows and fires and occupied police stations. And pulling down statures of nortorious racists like Ulysses S. Grant and Frederick Douglass. That's when the media coverage shifted back to the plandemic. 

More and more cases were being found all the time. Never mind that more testing was going on which would naturally produce more cases. Never mind than many of the new cases had never been tested at all, but were merely contacts of someone who had been tested, or contacts of a contact. Never mind that as states refined their reporting, people who had already died were reclassified as “new deaths.” Never mind that insurance companies were paying more for COVID-19 cases and incentivizing fraud. No, we had new cases, many new cases. It was another outbreak.

Enough to justify shutting things down again until, oh, early November at least.

People lost their jobs. But never mind, state governments would help them. Or maybe keep them dependent. The same state governments who had a public pension crisis were showing their compassion. And it was only natural that those states would expect the Federal government to help cover the expense. And maybe a little (LOT) more, something to take the edge off their deficit problems.

Here's what you are not being told. According to the CDC, COVID-19 deaths peaked April 11. America now has the same amount of weekly COVID-19 deaths as it did at the end of March. We're three months past the peak. We're past three months past the peak. Masks and social distancing are mostly ineffectual. People can't afford to pay their rent, businesses are closing, jobs are being lost. And it all depends on the diktats of local government.

Government screwed you, the politicos and technocrats are proud that they did it For The Greater Good. They are the only ones that benefit from this deliberately engineered panic.

And yes, I wrote deliberately engineered. Do you honestly think if a Democrat had been President, any of this would have happened? Donal Trump is not my first or fiftieth choice for President, but he hasn't done that bad a job. This is NOT about public health or saving lives. This is about taking down a President. 

That's all. Who benefits? Not you.