My point all along is that the game destroys what you want to protect. As long as you play the game and follow the rules, you cannot win. The system is rigged against long term gains, especially mired as it is in party politics. Voting for Trump or whatever the designated Democrat is the distraction that keeps you from seeing how much the system costs you. We've passed the point where the system can be reformed.

Meanwhile, there is going to be time without Trump. It may be this January, it may happen four years later. So far, everything that Trump has done can be reversed by the next President or the next Congress. You can't "win," you can only score the next goal. Maybe.

The Democrats will still be there. They will be just as mad. If the Republicans are defeated in January, they will be mad. And now they see no reason to be polite about it. As long as everyone plays the political game, it will get worse. Trump is at best a failed holding action that only delays the collapse.

All I am saying is that it's time for thinking about what comes next.

☞ NeoWayland, comments for Cancel Culture Comes For Sir Francis Drake in Marin County, 30Jul2020