For years I've told folks that it doesn't matter who they voted for. The system has passed the point where it can be fixed.

Still, 2020 has been an exception. I don't think an American general election has ever been stolen before. And yes, it's obvious to the casual observer that the election has been stolen.


My biggest frustration with modern liberals and progressives is the combination of self-assumed moral superiority and unwillingness to acknowledge when their own side breaks the rules. It's always for the Greater Good of course, and the ends justify the means.

These last four years demonstrate that. Of all those news stories about Trump, very few focused on what Trump actually did. Most of it was reporting the salacious rumors or promising the Next Big Thing that would Bring Trump Down Any Day Now. 

They didn't stick to the truth. Which was in and itself pretty bad, but it wasn't enough to bring a president down. Especially when he could cite what his predecessors had done. Because it wasn't about protecting the nation or the little guy or the victim. It was about Trump wielding power without giving proper respect to the behind-the-scenes crowd.

So we got a placeholder nominee and a VP candidate who looks like she will be a sock puppet.

We've been told that this entire election is a referendum on Trump and his polices. But no one is asking about the people hiding in shadows who are opposing Trump. No one is asking  if Trump is so dangerous and unstable, why is stealing the election the only way to bring him down?

No one is asking what the Democrat platform is except a return to Before Trump. 

My problem is that I can't trust a group who believes the only way to win is to fix the election. Because if they lie about Trump and Biden and the rule of law, why should anyone believe them?

The promise is that they are going to unify the country. How? The only thing that I've seen so far is demands that dissenting voices be silenced.

The promise that they are going to get a vaccine for COVID-19. That's going to happen regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.

The promise that they are going to unleash the economy. The same economy that was doing pretty good before COVID-19. The same economy that was crippled by the (over)reactions of state and local officials. 

The promise to end racism. Even though the trumped up cases of selective racism never represented the attitudes and actions of most of the country.

The promise that if Americans just give them what they want, the troublemakers will go away and leave us in peace. The troublemakers who were protected on the order of the same state and local officials.

Why should anyone trust these promises? Why should anyone believe the people making the promises?

Remember, they've lied about Trump and Biden. They didn't trust you to make the right choice for the Greater Good. They manipulated you. They're manipulating public perception even now before the states have certified the election.

Why believe or trust them?