Sometime during Billy-boy's administration, I noticed that when politicos were on stage speaking, there was a row of American flags behind the speaker as if to say "here's a real American." It got worse during Bush League's administration, wrapped in manufactured patriotism.

We're about to see a first in American history. The new President will be inaugurated before a field of flags in a locked down Washington, D.C. It's a tossup if he fears what might happen if he appears publicly or if he fears just how shallow his support is.

Just what does he fear?

Because fear it is. Biden had run for president twice before. As Vice President, he was part of the most devisive administration ever, one that deliberately ignored half of America. He doesn't have a mandate. He has a stolen election.

For the first time ever (and to much resentment), the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a warning memo to the military that the military must support the elected government. Almost as if they feared that the lower ranks wouldn't.

So we're left with what looks a lot like a military junta. A leader facing out over a field of flags with no dissent allowed. With his allies suppressing any criticism of his plans or indeed of he himself. This is not a strong president. This is a man who answers to a shadow cabal. This is a man bought and paid for. This is the public face of the deep state.

What you are watching is the ceremony without the people.

This man has no public mandate. This man is despised by his own party. This man whose only stated platform was "Not Trump." 

A sock puppet before a field of flags.

This is a government that wants to silence the sitting president even though he has only days left in office. Why?

Why is the president-elect and the existing government so afraid?

And can the Republic survive?

Why is it that so many self-appointed “elites” are so anxious to silence dissent? Why does free speech frighten them so?

Free speech. Pluralism. The right to bear arms. These things frighten the deep state. I want to know why. And I fear we may find out.

Sock puppet before a field of flags. I can't think of a better metaphor. The ceremony is empty. It doesn't matter. Maybe the Republic doesn't matter anymore either.

What's next? What will you choose?