Look, fighting for your life, that I can understand.

Claiming the moral high ground when you were talking about doing to "them" what "they" are doing to you now, that destroys your case. And whatever you are associated with. You destroyed your own moral high ground when you sacrificed your ethics.

Yes, the situation has changed. Yes, American conservatives are in a bad spot. And no, I'm not "certain" what would have happened if the situation had been reversed and conservatives were calling the shots. But I do know that some conservatives, you included were calling for drastic illegal methods against progressives.

Some conservatives wanted to sacrifice the rule of law for the "duration of the emergency." You got your wish. Honor and the rule of law were advantages you thought were acceptable losses. Spout about the " fallacy of moral equivalence" all you want, but that was the cost you chose to pay. Table stakes and they are calling your wager.

And yes, I know damn well they will be coming for me and other libertarians after they finish with you. Maybe before. But then I knew that if your side had the overwhelming advantage, you'd be coming after libertarians too.

Do you think I like this? It would be a heckuva lot easier just to go with the flow instead of telling both sides to get stuffed. But you spent your principles on schoolyard posturing and now you've got no ground left to make your stand. The only thing you have left to promise is defeating the left and the only thing that they have ever promised is goodies after defeating the right.

You gave up the dream of liberty and a better tomorrow. Now it's just survival.

Aside from that, look at what else I wrote. Was it untrue? Was it inaccurate? Do you think it's possible that I am not doing this just to take you down?

People are realizing what I've known for years. Liberty hangs by the weakest of threads and it's not the institutions and systems that can protect it. It's the individual people. Always has been, always will be.

This is truth.