Well before the election, people were telling me that their candidate was the candidate who was the "lesser evil."

Here we are. There's no doubt in my mind that the American election of 2020 was stolen. It will take years to sort out the claims and counterclaims. Maybe decades.

People keep treating this as if their candidate was the better choice. It's gone beyond that.

No matter what the merits of your platform, no matter how great you think your candidate is, certain persons on your side conspired for years to steal an election and others conspired to hide that. Those actions mean that your side can't be trusted. It just ruined your reputation.

Think about that. Democrat elites shown that they don't trust you to make the right choice. They lie to you. Repeatedly. And because of that, everyone else will think that all Democrats can't be trusted.

Do you really think that the the Powers That Be would accept someone who even in his prime was little more than an second-tier office holder with no significant accomplishments during forty years in office? Why didn't they do rallies to get people fired up?

They don't trust you. Why should you trust them?

Why do they make Donald Trump look good?

The fix was in years ago. No matter who you supported, no matter who you voted for, you never would be allowed to choose who holds the power. Not anymore. And if they get their way, never again.

There's a very slim chance that Trump and Pence could fix this. No matter who is sworn in, half the county feels the election was stolen and the citizens were cheated. This is the new reality. This is the Republic falling.