Today is January 6th. It looks like there were shenanigans in the U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia.

Today Congress is supposed to certify the Presidential electors.

The elections were stolen. Does anyone seriously doubt that?

Today we have proof that the system can't be trusted. No matter who you vote for, there is no Man On A White Horse who will save you. The system is not on your side. Government is not your friend.

Your vote doesn't matter.

Read that again.

Your vote doesn't matter.

No matter what political faction you join. No matter what the various political parties tell you. They don't like you, they don't trust you, and they won't give you what you want. They aren't even pretending anymore.

Don't let the self-appointed elites fool you. This has nothing to do with Trump as president. It's not because Trump is the Absolute Bestest President-Type Fella Ever. And it's not because Trump Is An Absolute E-V-I-L Monster That Must Be Stopped. This wasn't about the Democrat platform. This wasn't about how great a guy Joe Biden was. And it certainly wasn't about a honest vote. The Democrat elites knew they couldn't win on the merits so the fix was in.

This putsch is about power pure and simple. Certain elites set out to steal the election. They did an end run around the voters. They planned it so that no matter what, the Official Results would say that it was a triumph for Democrats. The judges and justices didn't want to defy the institution. The rule of law was sacrificed in the name of business as usual.

Remember how many times Trump said something that was dismissed only for it the truth to come out later.  Watch as all this comes out after Biden is sworn in. We'll be told that it's far too late to do anything about it now.

The president-elect is senile. He can't stay on topic. He can't remember the words. There is no way a party would want him as the front man. But he works great for a figurehead. And when they remove him, his running mate will be an even better sock-puppet. Not because of character, not because of accomplishments, not because there's a plan for American freedom. But because she's a person of color.

Because she's a woman. Of color. And it's time.

Remember that. Because you're going to hear it a lot in the next few years. Anytime anyone criticizes Harris, that's what will be trotted out. 

Because she's a woman. Of color. And it's time.

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is spinning in his grave.

Government is not going to save you. You have no voice in choosing who is in charge. You have no voice in picking the laws. The Constitution will be ignored as it has been these last few months. You can not trust the system to protect you. You can not trust government. Even if someone "cleans house," the corruption remains. The corruption outweighs the benefits.

What happens after Trump?

You choose freedom. Or you will serve.