So there was a riot in the U.S. Capital building. It lasted a couple of hours. Apparently the only people hurt were rioters shot by Capital police.

Over the last year, we saw protests that lasted days and weeks in major American cities. People were killed. Tens of millions in property damage happened on live TV. Government buildings were seized.

Recognize the difference? 

Remember a couple of years ago when protesters stormed the Senate hearings for Brett Kavanaugh?

Here's what I've noticed. Protests, even "mostly peaceful" protests with fires in the background, are condoned, endorsed, and celebrated by the mainstream media, the corpocratic datalords, technocrats, and progressive politicos. 

Riots are any example of questionable behavior by anyone who can be labeled "right wing."

Now, look at what I just wrote, I did not condone violent behavior. I said if it fits the left wing narrative, it's protest and free speech the Deserves To Be Heard. And if it doesn't fit the left wing narrative and might possibly be tied to someone on the right, then it is a riot that must be suppressed for The Greater Good as determined by progressive experts.

Heads you win, tails I lose. All because of who gets to write the story. It's pushed by the media who wants page views and ad revenue.