For a couple of years now I've been seeing some buzz trotted out ever so often.  “It's time to repeal the 19th. Ever since women got the vote it's been nothing but trouble.”  The scary bit is that it's conservatives saying this. Some of them women. Recently that happened at one site where I regularly comment. How quickly we forget.

I object to taking rights away for the Greater Good. It's not a right unless the Other Guy has it too. I'm dead set against special privilege. I support equal rights.

I see the same arguments time and time again. Women aren't rational. Women are driven by their emotions.  Women vote on appearances.  Women hate better than men.  Men vote for freedom while women vote for security.

If men and women vote for different things, wouldn't a balanced society take that into account?

But I don't think women are slaves to their passions. I knew my first strong woman from before I was born. All through her life she's been constantly told she can't do things. She did them anyway.

Without protests. Without help from government. Despite her family and despite her first husband leaving her in the lurch with an infant son.

She did it anyway.

She looked at what had to be done and found ways to make it work.

Is it any wonder I'm drawn to strong women?

So I've always seen at least two types of women. The practical ones who worked for success. And the whiny crybabies who thought that rights were granted by government and that protests and emotional outbursts were the ABSOLUTELY the Bestest Way Ever to get what they wanted. They had been taught that women are victims. That women are doomed to be victims. That no matter what, women aren't good enough to succeed without help and pity from men. Men who had to be made guilty about their privilege. Because that was the only way a woman could get ahead, if men let her win.

It's not about gender or internal plumbing. It's about responsibility. Americans have created whole groups of victims who are “given” liberty even as some don't believe they deserve it. Because they aren't worthy, they are shielded from the consequences of their actions. There will always be certain Compassionate People who will come along and fix their screw-ups.

Because they aren't good enough. Because they can never EVER be good enough no matter how hard they try. Because the World is a terrible place and a woman can't win unless she's given the victory before she even starts.

How sexist is that?

We celebrate enabling perpetual victimhood. And then we dare congratulate ourselves for it.

It's not just women though. Our society now celebrates victimhood as if that is the achievement. As if recognizing and designating victims is somehow worthy in and of itself. Since the victims believe that their victimhood determines how much they can “win,” victimhood and dependence is their focus. And society pats itself on the back for letting those poor victims play at winning. Play. Because they could never, ever win by themselves.

We taught generations to be victims when they should have been heroes.

It's one of my pass-alongs. It's certainly true here. Women aren't victims. Some have been taught to be victims. We should teach them otherwise.

Repealing the 19th Amendment won't solve the problem. We'll still have some women throwing tantrums because that is the way that has brought results. But the long term solution is holding people responsible for their own actions. 

People. Not just women.

We shouldn't take rights away. Just make sure people face the consequences.