Before we even begin discussing racism in America, we need to make one thing clear. America is THE most diverse nation on the planet. No other nation has as many ethnicities, cultures, and religions. As the song goes,  “Perfect it's not, it's the best thing this world's got.”  

Most conservatives (and libertarians) think equality of opportunity is the best way to fight racism. If you don't like what and where you are, you can find another way. No one is going to stop you for your ethnicity, skin color, sex, religion or any disabilities you can work around.

Most progressives think equality of result is the best way to fight racism. They look at the material differences between people, assume that those differences happened because of ethnicity, skin color, sex, religion or disabilities and demand a transfer from the wealthy to the  “deserving.” In the case of  “blacks,” progressives assume that it is rampant ongoing racism that has made those differences. And they are right, but not for the reasons they think.

Since the American Civil War, America has had immigration from all over the globe. Some of those immigrants made a pretty good life for themselves. Some lived exceptionally wealthy lives. Almost all made sure that their children did better than they did.

Inner city and some rural “blacks” did not share this opportunity. If anything the restrictions were worse starting about 1965 or so. Traditionally there are other groups who have not done well. There are certain things that these groups share with “blacks.” Let's call all these groups Official Victims.

Official Victims have been told by government experts that there is no way they can get ahead. The Official Victims have been told that the Man is keeping them down. No matter what, they aren't good enough without help. Lots and lots of government sanctioned help. Official Victims aren't human enough to succeed on their own. The Official Victims have been told that they have to be protected from the real world. The Official Victims are given enough to survive, but not to thrive. This is called government compassion, an oxymoron if ever there was one. You can't be compassionate with someone else's money and time. You can only share yours.

The compassionate government provides failing schools, giveaways, and excuses the Official Victims from most consequences. The compassionate government discourages responsibility. Social problems that can't be directly blamed on racism against “blacks” are routinely ignored. That's because the politicos pushing compassionate government don't believe that Black Lives Matter, but they depend on Black Votes Mattering. It's a tradeoff. Never quite enough in exchange for votes. The problems are never solved, just perpetuated.

Or did you think it was an accident that the riots happened in cities and states that have been controlled by Democrats for decades?

The Man is a Democrat. And the Man is using government to keep the Official Victims down and dependent. 

That is today's racism. And it's far more prevalent and systemic than racist cops or other individuals.

So what are we going to do about it? I can write and talk about it, but passion rules reason. The Official Victims have been wronged, but not by who they think. And as long as the Official Victims believe in equality of result instead of equality of opportunity, they will stay trapped.