I can't call the nationwide reaction to the Minneapolis murder of George Floyd a protest.

Supposedly this is directed against Trump. But it is a Democrat mayor in a Democrat state. How is that Trump?

How is Trump racist? How did Trump influence this cop's despicable action?.

How is attacking the CNN building in Atlanta going to help in Minneapolis? Will lighting police cars on fire in Washington make things better? Is smashing windows in Los Angeles a positive response?

Surely we can agree that churches and synagogues should be off-limits, right? Except that isn't what happened, some have been attacked. Odd how no mosques were targeted.

The more I look at this, the less I think it about murder and injustice in Minneapolis. The more it looks like rioting. The more it looks like an attack on the President. And the worst thing is, the rioters aren't held accountable. Because it's a "protest," it's being passed off as "free speech."

What happened to the rule of law?