From the 2016 election, we were told that there was Undeniable Proof that Trump had broken the law and that Real Soon Now he would be removed from office For The Greater Good. For four years there were allegations but no evidence. Always it was the Next Big Thing. Always it was Going to Happen. Always Trump would be Disgraced.

But there wasn’t any evidence. Trump served out his term. And once he was out of office, the Russian collusion allegations collapsed because the evidence was fake.

That doesn’t mean that the Trumpet was an especially good president. Certainly he didn’t live up to his own hype. It just means that no one showed proof that Trump broke the law during his campaign or his presidency.

There were allegations, but no evidence.

Now, the same person who was Speaker of the House then is pushing this now. Again without evidence. But the allegations have expanded. Now it is domestic terrorism. Now it’s a national conspiracy. Now one of the “solutions” to a problem that hasn’t been shown to exist is expanding the capital police to a national force under the direct control of the Speaker’s office.

Allegations, not evidence. And a whopping huge power grab. Because of, you know, those conservative domestic terrorists. The most heavily armed population on the face of the planet, yet they decided to “overthrow” an election by breaking a couple of doors and waving American flags while posing for selfies.

While the January 6th committee issues subpoenas and chips away at executive privilege, the DoJ has not charged anyone with treason, sedition or any of the other highfalutin words that the Speaker and Committee chair love to fling around.

It’s a star chamber, pure and simple. Allegations, not evidence. Politics, not justice. Power over, not power with. It’s also a repeating pattern. We saw it in attempts to remove Trump from the Presidency. Right now, it’s hard to see it as anything other than an attempt to bar him from office and to thoroughly discredit any party except the Democrats.

Rumors. Allegations. Politics. But not evidence.

Where’s your truth?