I didn't think it was possible. Me, the self-proclaimed political junkie. Me, the devout headline scanner. Me, the amateur historian with a flair for political analysis. And I am burned out on politics. Or at least burned out on current politics.

A big part of it is because of what we are “allowed” to discuss, when, where, and on what terms. The Wuhan virus lockdown is only about public health. A police officer killing a suspect is only about the racist legacy of America. Certain thoughts and artworks must be permanently eradicated from the public zeitgeist And if you disagreed about any of this, well, obviously you don't deserve to live.

Let's start with the lockdown

It was never about public health. As originally justified, the lockdown wouldn't save lives, it would just spread out fatalities so that the hospitals wouldn't get swamped. The result was non-essential medical procedures delayed and the actual casualties never met the projections. So hospitals started laying off staff and cutting back on operations. Meanwhile, politicos juggled the rules so that large businesses could cope but smaller businesses could not. Some businesses would be scapegoated. The Federal Reserve became more beholden to private investment interests. Federal loans somehow went to big business first. Not only was a huge segment of the economy eradicated, but there was a tremendous wealth transfer in the back rooms. Meanwhile, people were deliberately panicked while prevented from earning a living and providing for their family. The lockdown was used to increase dependency on government.

People were just beginning to realize that and decide that the politicos, experts, and technocrats had been wrong. People were realizing that the biggest economic disruption was caused by government action and government policy. People were getting frustrated at being locked down. They were asking questions. But that wasn't part of the Narrative®. Why would you want to kill Grandma? Why are economics more important than people's lives? Didn't you know just how many lives had been saved by social distancing and face masks?

A certain orange haired bad man was beginning to sound pretty damn good to some very irked people. So of course, he and the nation had to be taken down three or four rungs.

For decades Democrat politicos had been promising that they had the answer to racism. Black Lives Matter! we were told when really it was black votes matter. It was never about actually solving the problems and making tomorrow better. It was about getting Democrats elected. For that, they needed “black” voters perpetually dependent on what they thought government could do to rescue them from the Man. But the Man was the Democrat leadership. People aren't totally stupid, no matter how hard politicos try keeping them ignorant. Minorities knew that something was wrong, even if they were being lied to. Certain activists and politicos saw the periodic riots as a resouce. They wanted people angry and confused about who had caused the problems.

So a “black” man was killed by a “white” police officer. Never mind that everyone who saw the footage condemned the officer. Never mind the problem of “black on black” crime. Never mind that “black” suspects were much less likely to be killed than “white” suspects for the same actions. No, the problem was racist America which was just as bad as it had ever been. And if you dared disagree, you were speaking from a place of “white privilege.” 

I got about three-quarters though an essay on the problems with police. I pointed out that qualified immunity, special weapons, and special powers under the law were just asking for trouble. But conservatives didn't want to hear it and progressives just wanted to divide the spoils from “defunding the police.”

I saw some things that worried me. There were rumblings and rumors that if progressives had locked conservatives out of the institutions and media, maybe it was time for conservatives to seize power and contain the progressives. Maybe even suppress them the way that conservatives had been suppressed. For the greater good of course. I was told by other conservatives that couldn't happen. Conservatives were the good guys in the culture wars. Progressives had done more bad things. Conservatives would never abuse their power. I could trust them and their intentions. Really.

For the greater good.

What those conservatives failed to realize is that their conflict isn't about who is right and who is wrong. It's about the conflict. You can't have an expanding government without crisis. It's easier for technocrats to work if there is an “emergency.” Your side can't be allowed to win totally and the other side can't be allowed to totally lose. The conflict is necessary.

But when I try to explain, people blow me off. When they stop shouting.

So I stopped work on the entry on unnecessary police power.

Then the protestors started pulling down statues. Wrongthink would not be allowed. Anything offensive must be suppressed. Forgotten. Buried. Sealed away so it could not contaminate anyone.

And none of the protestors were wearing masks.

It's all about the politics. Reason is not allowed. History is not allowed. Wrongthink is not allowed.

Only the Narrative®.