Small "l" libertarian, not affiliated with the party.

It was the early 1980s. I was still in high school. In Arizona, it's possible to put an initiative on the ballot without going through the state legislature. There was a push to get a medical marijuana law and it was open knowledge that money behind the push came from out-of-state, mainly California and Oregon.

I remember thinking "Why are people from out-of-state trying to change a law in Arizona?" They wouldn't have to live under the law. They wouldn't have to live with the consequences. They'd never have to be responsible. If the law passed, they would take credit. If the law didn't pass, they would try again. 

Now, my feelings about medical marijuana or recreational marijuana were still in flux. There's a history of alcohol abuse in my family so I really didn't want to see a law that made addiction easier. But at the same time, if you could get beer or liquor in a grocery store, it's hard to see the big deal about pot.

But the idea that someone would come in from outside the state and change the law For Our Own Good just rubbed me wrong. Even as I knew that it was part of a multi-state effort to set up a case before the Supreme Court to undermine existing drug law. Why were these out-of-staters so determined to put Arizona in the spotlight for their cause?

It would take another decade before the issue made the ballot and was passed. But I never forgot. These people were messing with Arizona because they thought Arizona didn't matter and could be co-opted.  In what World was that acceptable?

It turns out that it is acceptable in this World. It turns out that American politicos screw up people's lives For Greater Good all the time. It's the cost of doing business.

Why does government mess with your freedom?