Progressives alone did not put us into this mess. Truth is that both progressive and conservative leaders need to expand government power, only for different purposes.

Unless the "system" is radically reduced, we will face the same predicament every election for the rest of our lives. Only the stakes will escalate to protect the powerful. The "system" depends not on solving problems, but on panicking people into blind devotion even as the politicos and technocrats f… you and everyone else over. Repeatedly.

This is truth.

Pick a conservative program, any conservative program that requires massive government involvement. There is not a one that has delivered measurable solutions. Every one delivers no more than the vague promise that we could do more, if only we had more resources and The Right People In Charge. The solution is always More Government while putting the proper people in place.

Take a damn close look at that. Because that is the progressive agenda too.

Always the struggle goes on. Always there is no solution today. But there might be tomorrow, if you sacrifice enough and dedicate yourself blindly to the cause. If you ask no questions and Trust the Leadership.

This is truth.

One more thing for you to think about. Pick any social advance, any significant social change in our nation's history. Where did it really start? Where did it really take root and grow? In some government action? Or with ordinary people doing ordinary good? The politicos took credit afterwards, but the changes were already planted and thriving before there was Official Justification or Official Recognition.

This is truth.

Aren't you tired of politicos and "leaders" claiming to represent you only to betray you at the first chance they get?

Why do they have to lie to get your support?

Why do you trust them to run your life?